tisdag 1 december 2009

Hilde Solani - CiocoRosissimo

Rose scents aren´t always that easy to connect with. Among my absolute favourite perfumes there isn´t that many rose scents. But now I might have found another.

Hilde Solani´s CiocoRosissimo is something very interesting and nice, a rose and chocolate scent. Some of my favourite rose scents are gourmands, so CiocoRosissimo is right up my alley. CiocoRosissimo reminds a little of L'Artisan´s Safran Troublant, but of course with chocolate instead of safron.

The chocolate in CiocoRosissimo is a dark, saturated chocolate note, in style a bit similar to the chocolate note in Parfumerie Generale´s Musc Maori. But while I find Musc Maori to become a little suffocating and overly sweet after some time, CiocoRosissimo don´t behave the same way. No, it manage to balance the creamy, smoth note of chocolate with a little sharper note of rose in a tempting way.

Despite the balance between rose and chocolate, there is a little disturbance in CiocoRosissimo and that is a hint of soap in it. Still it smells mostly chocolate and rose, and the soap note is just barely noticeable, I even think it smells good. I do belive some skin chemistry can make the soap note stronger, so have that in mind.

With that said, I still like CiocoRosissimo, it is a soft, creamy, just enough sweet rose-chocolate scent. Do you like Safran Troublant or Musc Maori, then you probably also would like CiocoRosissimo.

It is longlasting and with good sillage. The base notes becomes soft, powdery and dominated by the rose scent, the chocolate and soap notes are almost gone.

Pic: Interrose.com.uk

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