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Grossmith - Hasu No Hana

Once every year in a small kingdom far away in the Northern parts of Europe the Royal family host a magical event, a glorious feast and award the worlds leading scientists with a prestigious price, the Nobel price.

No, that´s not really true, it is the Swedish Nobel foundation that nominate the scientists that have serve the humanity the best during the years and it is the foundation that give out the award. Except of the price in literature, which is selected by the Swedish Academy society. But, the Swedish Royal family is a big and important part of the festivities taking place in Stockholm Cityhall the 10th of December every year, since 1901.

In Sweden, each year, there is a lot of talking about the Royal family´s outfits during the Nobel Festivities, mostly the ladies clothes of course. And they´re supposed to look like traditional royalty, not to old fashioned but not to daring either. There have been some complains about Princesse Madeleine´s decolletage, not only during the Nobel Price festivities.

I wonder what perfume the royal ladies use to wear during the Nobel-party? I sure hope they chose perfume with the same importance as the clothes. Well, if they´re unsure about what perfumes to wear I found something for them!

Grossmith, London is an old, beneficiate perfume house that have been of the track for several years, but now, Simon Brooke, great great grandson of founder John Grossmith has brought it back to life. With Roja Dove (world famous perfume professor and perfume expert) as mentor Grossnith now have re-created some of their classic perfumes; Hasu-No-Hana (originally created 1888), Phul-Nana (1891) and Shem-El-Nessim(1906).

The past days it is those interpretions of perfumes with more than a hundreds years of age I have been busy with. And honestly, only to read about the house Grossmith´s history and really trying to sink in to the perfumes make me feel reverent.

Of course I can´t judge how true to the original they are, but as I understand the original recepies are used, but with some modification accordning to modern laws such as how much of certain ingredience a perfume is allowed to have. In my opinion all the perfumes smells belivable, classic, elegant and timeless rather than old fashioned and dusty, which is a good thing.

Hasu-No-Hana is a voluptuous, warm, spicy and radiant floral bouquet scent. The opening is tsrong and powerful with huge sillage. I promise you won´t need much of it, a few sprays are just enough. In quality and richness I think Grossmith fragrances are similar to Amouage, there is no doubt about that high quality ingrediences are used.

Hasu-No-Hana is the oldest of the three scents, but I think it would fit Princess Madeleine (the youngest princess) really good. Hasu-No-Hana is a perfume for a women comfortable of being in the center of attention, a beautiful, confident but also a little conservative. Hasu-No-Hana is stunning, strong, glamorous, saturated and magnetic. In the heart of the scent, the rose is center piece, a strong, spicy and almost oriental rose. But, it´s the base note I like the most, it goes on forvere and ever, and it´s a soft, creamy miracle of subdued spices and almost gourmandlike qualities. A really gorgues scent, with sursrisingly modern character.

One spray on my wrist and one in the decolletage is enough to shine all night long with Hasu-No-Hana. And, the lasting power is excellent with Hasu-No-Hana, even a bath couldn´t take the scent of the basenote away, it still lasted hours on me. I think that the longvity on this and the others could be 24 hours or something like that!

I think Grossmith perfumes would be very interesting for people that like Amouage´s perfumes, the sense of quality and richness are the same, even though Grossmith scents feels more European than Amouage.

As you might figure, Hasu-No-Hana isn´t really a perfume for the office or whenever you feel like being a little cozy. No, Hasu-No-Hana is a perfume for festivities, weddings and if you like, a perfect scent if you would like to feel radiant and glowing an ordinary grey and rainy day in december somewhere in Sweden or anywhere else.

More about Grossmith you can find here: http://www.grossmithlondon.com/

Pic: Swedish Princess Madeleine

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  1. Are the names translatable? I would love to know what they mean,

  2. SignatureScent: I´ve got the meaning of the names: Hasu No Hana means "Scent of Japanese Lotus Lily", Phul-Nana is hindi for 2lovely flower" and Shem El Nessim is arabic for "Smelling the breeze".