måndag 30 november 2009

Hilde Solani - ACQuiilssSSIMA

I´ve wrote about a jasmine perfume for angels (T.Mugler´s Alien) and about a jasmine perfume for elf princesses (Parfumerie Generale´s Drama Nuui) and now it´s time to write about a jasmine scent for mermaids. Well, I know that if a mermaid would be presented for a bottle of perfume she would think it was as strange as the mermaid above find the shoe. And... even worse, mermaids seem to be non-existing for real.

But if they would exist and for some strange reason would use perfume, I am sure that Hilde Solani´s ACQuiilssSSIMA would be a perfume that mermaids would like.

The italians seem to make very good and realistic interprentions of the sea in perfumes. Two of my sea favourites are italian, profumum Roma´s Aqua di sale and Profumi di Pantelleria´s Approdo and ACQuiilssSSIMA dare I suggest, is about to enter the very top of auqatic perfumes.

Now, I have to admit that this season isn´t the best for trying cool, wet and subdued aquatic perfumes, but I promise to take care of my little sample, since I am convinced it will come to more frequent use when we´re heading towards summer.

When I try (dab, not spray) ACQuiilssSSIMA I do feel that I am missing something in the opening, something vaguely warm and spicy, that just escape me. Instead the scent develop rather fast to some cooling waves, maybe with something a little minty as well? As an aquatic scent it´s quite beliveable. The sea of Hilde Solani is turqoise, the waves are crowned with white foam, but kind of calm waves, absolutly no storm. The water in ACQuiilssSSIMA is incredible clear, fishes swims around corals under the surface and maybe there is a mermaid escaping down to the deepth...
ACQuiilssSSIMA is first about water and sea, but after a while you can sense a scent of jasmine, at first very vaugue, but slowly more and more concrete.

It´s like the water is slowly retreat and leave a gorgeus smelling jasmine base note. And it is jasmine so soft, clean and delicate that I´ve never smelled it´s like. And despite the scents very soft and easy character it is very longlasting. I tried it an evening and when I wake up the smell of jasmine was still there and not even weak. If you´re curious about all kinds of jasmine varietys in perfume, Hilde Solani´s ACQuiilssSSIMA is a must try. It is a very unique jasmine scent.

As I said, I think warmer weather can do this scent more justice, but even though it isn´t optimal to try it in november it goes straight up to the top among both aquatic and jasmine scents for me.

Pic: La Vie Parisienne, flickr

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