torsdag 17 december 2009

Smell Bent - Hippie Holidaze

I think that I´ve died and come to hippie heaven. No, not really but not far from either. I´ve put on a drop of Smell Bent´s Hippie Holidaze. And it smells sooooooo incredible good!

Nothing strange. It is tangerine, patchouli and maple syrup. The tangerine note is one of the most true and genuin tangerine notes I´ve encountered. And this time of year I eat a lot of tangerines so I´ve got something to compare it with. Well, first of I smell like I´ve peeled a pile of tangerines and then the patchouli joins, and this is soft, gentle patchouli that accentuate the tangerine nicely, rather then dominate it. And it isn´t woody, brisk or herby patchouli, but instead soft, warm and velvety patchouli. I guess the maple syrup bring those qualities in front. Because the scent of maple syrup is hardly noticeable, I think it´s "only" contribute with sweetness, warmth and richness.

Of course Hippie Holidaze isn´t the most complicated scent I have encountered, but it might be one of the nicest, happiest and coziest. And that is what all of my family thinks as well, we have fight over the little sample. My husband vene had it on the Christmas party with the work AND his work mates asked him what fragrance he had! Usually he wear Musc Ravegeur at festive occations, so you might guess how good he thinks Hippie Holidaze smell.

Hippie Holidaze is a holiday special at Smell Bent, so if you like to smell it you better be quick, at least I will order a big bottle of it while there is time! It smells so good and it makes me and my whole family happy, and that isn´t so bad is it?

At first I only ordered 3 Smell Bent samples at Luckyscent, but they was so jummy that I´ve ordered most of the other perfume oils directly from Smell Bent, and I must confess that it is incredible nice to test them (even though i don´t like all of them as much).

By the way, it is snowing here, so much that it´s hard to open the front door. How is your pre-Christmas weather?

Pic: grand grrl,flickr

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  2. You know, I don't usually like the idea of wearing oranges (I love the smell, just not to wear),. But after reading this post, I might have to try it!! I can see how all that sunny goodness just might be the trick in the dead of winter.

    I'm here in "sunny" California, so I know I shouldn't complain. But it rains here in the winter-- sometimes A LOT. Last week, when I hadn't seen the sun for what felt like a week, I thought I might just lie down and cry. I wish we had snow sometimes-- that's bracing and fun. Rain is just wet.


  3. Some perfumes with orange ends up smelling like orange juice and that´s kind of not so appealing to me, and others have much to mych spices. But I have some orange smelling favourites like Profumums Dulcis in Fundo and now Hippie Holidaze. They are so worth trying since they are so affordable I think.

    It rains here to in winter and snows. Right now there is a lot of snow and really cold. But with our usual luck I guess it will start being warm and rainy just in time for Christmas.