torsdag 3 december 2009

Hilde Soliani - DoolciiisssiMO

Firts of all i want to apologize for misunderstanding Hilde Solianis name.

And when it comes to DoolciiisssiMO it is as good to surrender, since it is an extremly well made tobacco scent just as Bell'Antonio.

As I wrote yesterday, they´ve got some things in common. The central tobacco note seem to be the same in both of them and the lasting power and sillage is also great in both Bell'Antonio and DoolciiisssiMO. But, Bell'Antonio is sharper smokier and with notes of coffee while DoolciiisssiMO is a more soft, warm and sweet tobacco scent.

The scent of tobacco in DoolciiisssiMO make me think about old times tobacco commercial, when tobacco was considered sophisticated, modern and even healthy. DoolciiisssiMO has a happy, carefree and sunny character like an interprention of tobacco before cancer warnings and the danger with passive smoking.

DoolciiisssiMO is a tobacco fragrance with sweet, warm and golden gourmand character. Instead of notes of coffee, smoke and ashes there is notes of cherry and vanilla. Just shining through now and then and never dominating. Just as Bell'Antonio you can think of DoolciiisssiMO as quite a simple tobacco scent, but little by little I discover how the different notes plays in and out of each other in a very interesting way.

DoolciiisssiMO is more of an comfort scent than Bell'Antonio, it is perfcet to wrap yourself with now when the cold is here. Bell'Antonio has more atmosphere and I think it would be an excellent room scent as well. If I had to chose between them, I think I would go for DoolciiisssiMO as I find it to be a little closer to my taste then Bell'Antonio.

Pic: Vintage Lucky Strike ad

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