onsdag 2 december 2009

Hilde Solani - Bell'Antonio

Hilde Solani really know how to work tobacco scents. I do like bot Bell'Antonio and DoolciiisssiMO, but while DoolciiisssiMO smells immensly good and comfy, Bell'Antonio manage to evoke memories.

Bell'Antonio smells like real cigarettes and coffee. And reminds me of my dad. How many haven´t got a dad that both smoked and drinked coffee? Nowadays my father have quit smoking, but he still drink coffee.

At first I think of Bell'Antonio as quite a simple tobacco scent, but after a while I understand that it is more complex then I first thought. When smelling it up close I cen fell several aspects of tobacco, both the tobacco of an unlighted cigarette as well as the cigerette smoke, even the smell of ashtry can be found in it, even though kind of weak. Lingering around all this there is the note of really good, black italian coffee. Bell'Antonio is an unsweet almost besque scent on me, but still works very well with my skin chemistry. Intended for men, I think it is a must try for any women interested in genuin and true tobacco scents.

The coffee note weakens little by little and the tobacco note becomes softer, dryer and even a little sweeter without being sweet. The lasting power is great and the sillage is also great even though I have dabbed it I belive I smell like if I have smoke? If that´s a good or bad thing I supppose it´s up to you to decide.

Bell'Antonio is a belivable, genuin and masterly made tobacco scent. But I think I like DoolciiisssiMO just as much, it reminds of Bell'Antonio but is also a totally different type of tobacco.

Pic: Smoking cigarette

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