lördag 19 december 2009

Smell Bent - Hungry, hungry hippies and Gelty Pleasures

It can be quite a challenge to make a true chocolate note in perfume. Even though I´m quite found of chocolate I don´t really have a chocolate scented favourite perfume. Maybe I am not so found of the idea walking around and smelling like chocolate or maybe there isn´t any chovlate scent just good enough.

Smell bent offers two choclate scented perfume oils, Hungry, hungry hippies and Gelty Pleasures.

They´ve got the chocolate in common, but a part from that they are quite different. Hungry, hungry hippies are supposed to smell like pot brownies with a little cassia and also, after a while the smell of nice, woody patchouli. I think of Hungry, hungry hippies like a dark, bitter, herby and woody chocolate scent. The youngest daughter think that it smells like chocolate and rhubarb pie, and actually the smell of rhubarb pie and hashish is quite similar, now when I´ve start thinking about it.

I recommend lovers of dark chocolate to try Hungry, hungry hippies, I guess this could be right up your alley.

Gelty Pleasures (limited edition) is an other sort of chocolate. Sweeter, creamier and more gourmand. This is a chocolate scent for lovers of smoth milk chocolate. Gelty Pleasures is milk choclate and amber, really, really delicious. Even though I like them both, I think that I prefer Gelty Pleasures, because it is so pure chocolaty.

I haven´t yet tried, but most of Smell Bents scenst are quite simple, so i think they will layer well with each other. Like Gelty Pleasures with blimey Limey for instant, I think it could be so jummy. I guess I´ve got something to do after Christmas if I get bored. :)

Pic: experience chocolate

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