måndag 14 januari 2013

Perfume adventure

Oh, well I have been on a perfume adventure. By accident I found a place in Malmö (situated in the very south of Sweden)that offers various fragrances from an old perfume warehouse. Checked it up, looked at pictures and contacted the owner. We decided that the easiest way to get a grip of the perfumes was for me to actually come to Malmö an see for myself.My husband had to drive me, and belive me there is more pleasant thing to do then to drive all the way to Malmö (and back) in bad january weather. But what I got with me (see the pic above) was very much worth the car ride. Feels like a once in a lifetime experience, but you never know. A lot of vintage treasures and also more "modern" fragrances that is discontinued (or have been reforulated beyond recognision). Some of them I will keep to myself, but if you see something in the pic that you feel like trying,please contact me,I´m sure we can work something out. Some of them I prefer to sell as they are. One thing that strikes me when I try not before tested perfumes (the one´s from the 80ies or early 90ies mostly, not the really,really old one´s) is that they even though being "ordinary" designer frags, they have something that newer designer/main stream fragrances seem to miss. They have a richness, a feeling of luxury that seem to be more and more hard to come by without getting into niche... Seemlike something -bad- happened to over all perfume quality sometime in the mid 90ies, porbably cheaper aromachemicals and more water for the same price...and that is really a shame. :(