söndag 13 december 2009

Christmas preparations

I would have been happy to show you a pic of all the Swedish thins (ginger snaps, but not really) that me and the kids have baked today, but I can´t find the camera.

We have also baked saffron buns. It´s a Christmas tradition to bake, even though I´m not bake so many different kind of cookies and so on. Usually I stick with the thins and the buns, some years I do a kind of stars filled with plum jam and also some spicy bread.

Of course we have to had some Christmas candy as well, snaps (swedish hard toffee "knäck") and something filled with calories and chocolate like fudge or ice confect.

And the Christmas food, Christmas ham, meat balls, janssons delight, pickled herring, sausages and a little of this and that.

What is the mort important food or goodies for you at Christmas time?

Swedish Christmas food- and cakes and candies have a thing in common, the use of a lot of spices, which make the food smelling very, very good, and very, very much. So during this weekend my perfume use has been quite modest and also, quite surprising.

I´ve got a parcel with samples, among them some samples from famous L'Artisan (yes, Havanna Vanille among them) and maybe not as well-knowned, but still storied brand, Boadicea the Victorius, from which Michelle Obama have bought several perfumes.

I think it´s quite amazing that I can wear the same perfumes as USAs first lady (I wonder if she worn some of them during the Nobel price ceremony in Oslo?), but even more amazing is the fact that I´ve got these reputable perfume samples, and still I chose to drench me and the whole family with some perfume oils from a pretty much unknown company (at least compared to the other one´s).

Yes, I promise to write more about these ravishing perfume oils later, I just had to order more samples from that company, so you have to wait until I´ve tried them as well. And i sure hope they´ll be here fast!

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