söndag 13 december 2009

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Havana Vanille

When I was really small (4-5 years) I was during a period of time very afraid of invisible thieves. My parents of course tried to convince me that there wasn´t any invisible thieves or any other invisible humans. But I doubt what they said, how can someone know for sure when they are invisible?

Later on, there was a TV-show, "The Invisible Man" and this was a long time after I had been afraid of invisible thieves, but the theme still fascinated me. To become visible the invisible man wrapped himself up in clothes, hat and sunglasses.

Maybe that is what would make Havana Vanille to be a little more concrete? Of course, a perfume isn´t really invisible, rather scentless and a scentless perfume loses the point of being a perfume...?

No, of course Havana Vanille isn´t scentless, but it is so subtle and subdued it almost drive me insane! Because, the scent I can smell, is heavenly!

Havana Vanille is kind of an aquatic vanilla scent. In it´s subtle character it remind me of CdG 3, but while CdG 3 make me chase around in an imaginary jungle to find a rare flower, Havana Vanille rather make me float around in a waste ocean and chase after the luch tropical island where vanilla orchids grow and happy pirates drinks rhum and sings happy pirate songs.

But no, of course I never make it to that island. I have to seattle with paddle around in the water without any hope to smell the wonderful scent up close. In despair I have already used about half of my sample. I wonder how it would differ if I had a spray sample?

Havana Vainlle is impossible to catch, and when I try to sniff my wrist I smell less rather than more. It´s best when I´m not thinking about it and little whiffs of heavenly scent occurs now and then.

Everything about Havana Vanille is minimalistic.

During my post I had to walk the dog. It is snowing lightly outside and little whiffs of Havana Vanille mixed with the falling snow. It was like being in a fairy tale of vanilla smelling snow flakes. Swoon. :)

Pic: The Invisible, Movie Poster

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