torsdag 17 december 2009

Smell Bent - Commando

For some reason I ordered some samples of perfume oils when i placed my last order at Luckyscent. OK, I´ve got a weak spot for perfume oils, but when thinking about what there is to chose from at Luckyscent, I even surprised myself by ordering perfume oils.

As you know, I also ordered samples from L'Artisan and Boaddicea, but... to be honest, the samples with perfume oils are the one´s I have appreciate the most. Three little samples of perfume oils from Smell Bent, here you find their homepage (and you can prder a sample pack with five samples for only 15 dollar) :

Over all, everything about Smell Bent is worth liking. The prices are really affordable, a bottle of 8 ml perfume oil for 20 dollar. Shipping (to Sweden) is also a nice surprise (4-5 dollar). And the bottles look so cute and can cher anyone up a cold winter day. And the scents... oooh, they are so cute, happy, fine and nice in every possible way. OK, maybe not the most complex scents, but sometimes it doesn´t have to be so complex!

If you like perfume oils, you have to pay a visit to Smell Bent. Or, you can also buy most of their scents through Luckyscent if that is feeling better. If you usually not that found of perfume oils, I still think you should give at least one little sample a try. If that doesn´t make your heart melt, I guess you´re really cold hearted. Please, please order just a small sample and become surprised! (No, I am not payed by Smell Bent to tell you this)

Right now I am wearing Smell Bents Commando on one of my wrists, and appearantly, commando means to be without underwear. I don´t know anything about such things, but I know that Commando is an interesting and well, yes... interesting perfume oil with musk. Commando is a mix between different kinds of musk, clean and dirty ones. I would call Commando for a musk on the rocks, since it is such a pure, unblenden musk scent. It is both warm and cold, clear and dirty, comfy and crispy and yes, really, really nice if you´re in to musk.

I suspect that different people bring forward different kinds of musk in Commando, on me it become quite soft, warm and a little animalic. But I can smell the clean, white musk as well. Commando is quite linear until the base note, when you can detect the tonka bean, giving it even more depth, warmth and a little green spicyness. Very nice. Very good. I would bury my nose in my wrist at this point.

Commando would probably do well as a base scent if you like to play with layering. It could give a little power to almost anything, since it is so neutral. It is in itself quite close to skin and discrete, but that is the point with musk. I belive that if you put on Commando and try to forget about it, you would belive that your skin have the most wonderful smell al by itself after about 7-8 hours!

Commando as a musk scent, isn´t really as magic as my musky favourites Mausc Koublai Khan from Serge Lutens or Musc Ravegeur from Frederic Malle, but I think it manage to get itself some room close to Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk though. This is a musk scent I would never to be without in my collection, and for that price i wouldn´t either!

Pic: flaeskdansen

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  1. I'm excited to see the Smell Bent line getting reviewed because I have been curious about it. Thanks for the reviews!

  2. They are really worth trying, some of the best perfume oils I´ve come across. :)