söndag 20 december 2009

Smell Bent

The one´s I´ve wrote about this far from Smell bent is the one´s I like the best, but there is several worth mentioning.

Blimey, limey is a fresh lime scent. And it is lime that smells like lime, without that soapy scent so usual when it comes to lime. The top note in Blimey, limey is clear and hightuned lime, soon to become more of a Key Lime Pie or Lime-Cheesecake scent. When the base note is all that is left, Blimey, limey smell of creamy white chocolate with some lime/lemon.

Sunshine is also a comfy citrus scent, but with company of a quite dirty musk. After a while it become a little bit weird on me, and I am unsure if I like it or not.

Lemon Cowboy is lemon and leather, and on me it´s mostly lemon, but on my husband it becomes a soft, fresh leathery scent. Much better on husband than on me.

Both my daughters love Elf Fulfilling Prophecy it is like the smell of oatmeal cookies and cinnamon and a little sawdust. Christmasy, spicy and warm, but I think it suits my daughters much better than me.

Little Miss Panda is another strange mix. A hightuned, very clear floral scent that soon got accompanied by a note of soil. Something in this scent reminds both me and the daughters of something in my parents cottage, but I haven´t yet figure out what. Nice, but odd.

Last and least liked, by me, Incensed. Starts off with a note of smoked sausage, so if you´re looking for something that reminds a little fo bacon, this might be it. When the smoked note wears off, there is a soft, sweet note of incensed left and it fails to make an impression on me.

Pic: brightestblue

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