måndag 7 december 2009

A little this and that

I thought I would have a perfume to write about today, but sorry, you have to wait a little while. Anyway i am about to test some perfumes that are both interesting and a little different from what I usually like. Some associations I´ve got: majestic, radiant, elegant, klassic, timeless, large, expensive. Does it sound interesting? Yes, it is, but I have to learn to know them a little better first.

Otherwise it has been a hectic but nice weekend. The grand son had his 2 year party on saturday so we visited Örebro and have really fun at the Skojlandet (Fun Land, with slides, climibing frames, trampolines and other cool stuff), but guess if I have pain in strange places now?

Yesterday we finally manage to have the daughter in law on dinner. The pregnancy doesn´t show yet, but this week they are going and have an ultrasound so they will see their little baby for the first time. And the daughter in law wish for a 3D ultrasound in Christmas present, and I think it sounds really cool.

It´s the beginning of Christmas time and there sure is a lot of things, a part from perfumes, that smells really, really nice. For instant owen roasted root vegetables. I have to give you a recepie (and no, this is not going to become food blog, I promise).

Christmas smelling root vegetables (serves about 6)

1 kg carrots
1-2 swedish (!) turnips or swede (strange)
1 big parsnip
maybe (but not that important) 1 celeriac
Some potatoes

Peel the root veggies, leave the potato to last. Shred them in to small french fries size. Put some oil in a big owen pan and spread the veggies. Then spice them with one dash of ginger, one dash of cloves, and at least 3-4 dashes of cinnamon. Mix around a little. Put them in the middle of the owen, 225 C for about 40-50 minutes, stir them some times during preparation. Salt them a little when finnished.

This is simple, good, cheap, healthy and smell and tastes delicious. Serve the root vegetables to beefs, chicken and with some good sauce (but not to tasty).

This is so good, that I actually ate the left overs for breakfast!

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