måndag 21 december 2009

Cristobal Balenciaga - Cristobal

I don´t know what your comfort clothes are? But maybe a pair of training trousers and an old t-shirt? Or a pair of worn out jeans and a soft sweater? Maybe that old night gown that is so rugged you really should throw it? Or a soft dress, with socks and a cardigan?

I guess that very few that read my blog have a Balenciaga-dress as comfy clothes. I belive not even Nicole Kidman put her Balenciaga-dresses on when she want´s to feel comfy and soft at home. I am sure she also wears a pair of jeans and a t-shirt from time to time.

By coincidence I´ve got a bottle of Cristobal Balenciaga´s Cristobal in my care. And it smells soooooo good! Cristobal is creamy, warm, oriental perfection. There is no note pointing out or making more noise than the others, everything seem perfectly and seemlessly blended. There are flowers so olfactory beautiful I think of them like a single, big mix between them all-flower of unearthly beauty and heavenly scent. Pair it with the softest, creamiest sandalwood possible and sweet, full-bodied vanilla and just a hint of patchouli to add some depth, woodyness and actually, mystique.

Cristobal as a perfume is the counterpart of a perfect evening dress. Imagine a wonderful dress in heavy silk, in the colour you feel the most comfortable and beauty with, with decor and asseccoars that matches your style, your look and your temper just perfect, imagine an extremly skilled designer at your service, ready to do whatever you wish to make this dress just perfect for you. Like it would feel to wear that dress, it feels to wear Cristobal Balenciaga´s Cristobal. And I am rather convinced that is the closest I will ever come to wear such a dress. And you know what, it doesn´t even matter, since Cristobal manage to create the illusion of me being perfectly dressed when I hamstring around at home in my black jeans, tanktop and hood sweater.

Cristobal is luxurious, elegant, exclusive and smell of richness. At the same time it is easy to like and learn to know. There isn´t any strange edges or trips to olfactory borders. Longlasting and with magnificent sillage of course. Really likeable in every single way.

By the way, it isn´t only Christmas soon, 2009 is about to end as well, and I have start thinking about a kind of perfume top list... don´t miss it!

Pic: Nicole Kidman in a Balenciaga-dress

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