torsdag 29 april 2010

Hors La Monde - Shiloh

Hors La Monde is a French company offering both jewelry and perfumes. the company is named after a beautiful situated castle and the name means "Out of this world". The symbol of the company is the compass, often find in it´s jewelry and as decor on perfume bottles. This far, Hors La Monde is "only" offering two scents, Shiloh and Lady Shiloh. I think it gives a serious impression, and I prefer two have two really good perfumes to chose from, than 10 perfumes that are OK. And, since I´ve tested both Shiloh and Lady Shiloh I have to admit, I´m really impressed with both of them. You can read more about Hors La Monde and their scents, jewelry and more right here:

Well, I´m really, really impressed with Shiloh. And I mean, really, I have trouble getting my nose away from my vrist during opening and heartnote. I don´t really understand why it isn´t more talked about then I manage to find. The scent itself is a work of well knowned Michel Roudnitska togehter with Hors La Monde´s own, Symine Salimpour. And, it´s obvious M. Roudnitska has a lot to do with Shiloh...

Shiloh´s opening is wonderfully irresistible, if you can imagine a perfect mix between Noir Epices (also by M. Roudnitska) and Yohji Yamamoto´s Yohji. Shiloh shines, radiates and rises of my skin like the first ray of lights in a magical sunrise. It´s at the same time highly concentrated and yet, delicatly transparent. It´s citrus notes together with adehydes so hightuned I suspect they togehter can break glass and I´m surprised that i can´t see this powerful scent on my skin, it is so powerful and magis I almost expect it to be visable.

The topnote is similar with the top note of Noir epices, but without any spices. This makes Shiloh both a little simpler but also a lot more brighter. All I´ve got is a small dab on sample, but still the top note is so wonderfully high, sparkling and living on me for a long time.

The scents calms down a little during the heart note, but still with citrus left, even though the aldehydes have gone to rest, now I can smell the soft, powdery, calm and very sensual notes of rose. Everything in Shiloh smells carefully prepared, expensive and superb quality. The heart notes is very comfortable, warm, open and timeless. Eventually there is a darkness coming through in Shiloh, I imagine a red darkness if such a thing could excist.

Notes of oakmoss, patchouli and noble woods gives a deep to Shiloh. Usually I´m having a hard time with oakmoss and chyprebase, discoveres that i for the very first time actually enjoys and aprreciate a very concrete chyprebase. No, Shiloh isn´t really one of those modern chypres with a wannabe-chypre base, at least my nose thinks of it as a real, but still very easy assecible chypre base. Still, Shiloh is much nicer and friendlier than for instant Bandit. But I hope Shiloh proves to be a "keyscent" for me, a scent that helps me understand and appreciate other chypre bases in perfumes. You know, a perfumista that don´t like chypres feels kind of one-legged... ;)

Well, the base in Shiloh is more than oakmoss, I can almost smell a sublime sweetness from vanilla and a lingering note of smoky incense. The basenote is dark, smoky, multidimensional and saturated. Shiloh isn´t a scent for girls, but apart from that i think it´s very suitable for most ages. Shiloh has good sillage and good lasting power.

Shiloh is a must to try for anyone that likes genuin, well made and beautiful quality perfume. Don´t miss this beauty, even though I´m quite contempt to keep it to myself.

Pic: Zastavki

tisdag 27 april 2010

Sévigné - Parfum de Sévigné No.1

Rose, jasmine, iris and tuberose are some of the divas in the floral perfume world. Violet, lavender, carnation and ylang ylang are others often seen in main characters. But, there is a lot of flowers that don´t get that main role as often, Fresia is one of those flowers...

I´ve for sure encountered fresia in perfumes without knowing it, and I didn´t even know that I liked fresia in perfume. Until, I tried CnR Create´s astrological perfume Virgo that is. In Virgo I discovered that fresia has a very calming, nice and comforting scent. And fresia isn´t a flower I know much of apart from perfumes.

Now the German company Sévigné (a Münich based goldsmith company originally) released 3 different scents. De heter Parfum de Sévigné No.1, No. 2 and No. 3. I prefer long and poetic names on perfumes, usually I´m having trouble to remember numbers and easily mix them up. Well, you get a small Madonna pendant in sterling silver when you buy one of Sévigné perfumes, and that´s a nice idea I think.

I´ve tried the different scents now and must admit that No.2 don`t make any impression on me, the opening is filled with nice, fresh and bubbly citruses but the rest of it is nothing that catch my attention. No.3 is more interesting and have a really nice note of cardamom together with citrus, coriander, vetiver and amber which make it reminding of a jummy cardamom cake and fresh orange juice on the side and some herbs in the window. But, my favorite is among them is No.1.

No. 1 starts of with fresia and are followed with rose, magnolia and fig. The base note consist of frankincense, musk and sandalwood. Despite the rose, I don´t at all think of this as a rosy scent, but not really as a fresia scent either. For some reason No. 1 makes me think about sheer, delicate and almost transcluent little bluebells (harebells). I know harebell don´t have much of a scent, but still, No. 1 still manage to capture kind of the bluebell soul or heart.

No.1 is a calming, humble scent that manage to capture the spirit of blue summer sky, white fluffy clouds and a gentle summer breeze. A path in the middle of the fields, jagged grass and here and there little tufts of sheer bluebells. In the back ground the forrest and a small bridge over the purling creek with clear water.

There is something in the scent of fresia that makes me extremly calm, relaxed and soft. The scent of fresia isn´t really clean flowery, there is something in it reminding of pencil shavings, but not as much as in some cedar scents.

Parfum de Sévigné No.1 is a comfy, happy little kind of humble scent that will be great during spring and early summer. i think it would also be a great reminder of summer during gloomy november days. The base is soft and creamy, with sandalwood and little traces of incense. It has medium lasting power and sillage.

What do you think about fresia in perfumes? Am I alone with thinking that fresia has a wonderfully calming and balancing scent for some mystical reason? Is there any other floral note you wish to see more often in perfumes?

Pic: Banum

söndag 25 april 2010

Perfume meeting in Stockholm

I´m planning for a perfume meeting in Stockholm in the end of may. As most of the readers of my English blog are situated in the US I guess not many of you have plans to get to Stockholm.

However some of you may be living in Sweden or actually have the opportunity to visit Stockholm in late may, please send me a mail if you like to know more about this meeting.

Pic: sfgate

Congrats to the winners!

The winners of a sample each of Simone Cosac´s Trama is Sabina B and Habit Man. Congrats to you!

Send your addresses to my mail and I´ll send the samples to you. For the rest of you I wish better luck next time.

fredag 23 april 2010

Borsari 1870 - Giglio och Orchidea

As I wrote just recently, I was positive surprised by Borsari 1870´s Giglio (Lily). Perhaps Giglio isn´t the most complex and exciting scent there is, but for sure, I´ve never encountered a scent with such a pleasant and genuin scent of olive soap. Giglio smells clean and soapy, but also with creamy oil, some traces of soil and grassy olives. Very, very comfy. Beneath the scent of olive soap I can also smell some sweet honey and quiet, almost transcluent flowers. Giglio has a very natural, genuin and old fashioned scent. Giglio don´t have much sillage or strenght and can pass as a jummy olive bodylotion or something like that.

At first I thought of it as very short lived, but then I discovered little traces of it the morning after, but only silent whispers of fragile flowers on my skin. I´m so happy with my very small (3,5 ml) bottle of Giglio. Sometimes I have cravings for thos compact and long lasting olive soaps, but now I can dab on some drops of Giglio instead!

After the pleasant surprise with Giglio I also dared to try Orchidea. But, oh no, it starts of really stinky and I was about to scrub it of... but then I smelled something quite good. Something reminding of fresh, chewy, dark and sweet scent of tobacco and dried apples. This is also such a nice scent. IF my bottles are vintage, the top notes maybe have become spoiled if they are citruses and that´s the reason Orchidea didn´t smell good from start. Why something with the name Orchidea smells of fresh apple tobacco I don´t really understand. Anyway, this is so mouthwatering good, dark, full bodied, golden and sweet. Like with Giglio it has short lasting power, still it survive for hours on my skin but only with the slightest scent of dried flowers. The floral notes of Orchidea are more dusty then the floral notes in Giglio.

I haven´t tried the other four scents, but I´m sure not to like them as much as Giglio and Orchidea. But, maybe... I´ll use Giglio and Orchidea from time to time, not maybe as favorite scents, but still they´re both very charmy, old fashioned and romantic kind of scents. Lovely perfume treasure that come my way by chanse...

Pic: Nature cosmetics, genuin olive sopa from Aleppo

torsdag 22 april 2010

A little bargain!

I´ve bought a lot of perfumes at Tradera (Swedish version of Ebay). But now I usually find my perfumes elsewhere. Ebay is so much bigger and a lot more to chose from. But, now and then I can take a look at Tradera, and that was what I was doing last week.

I stumbled upon a small box with perfumes. Borsari 1870 is most known for their violet scent, Violetta di Parma, but apart from that i don´t know much about this Italian brand. Well, I bid 5 euro and guess what, I won the little box.

Main reason for me to bought the box was that it looked so cute and the small bottles with bright labels and little bows. When the box arrived I looked at the small bottles and thought that I´ve made a bargain, even though I wasn´t interested enough to try any of the scents in it. I put it away in my boudoir.

Then, my youngest daughter wanted an evening scent, and I told her to chose one she didn´t usually wear and she chosen Giglio from the small box. After a while she went "Mmmmmmh" and "Mum, this smells great, like creamy sopa and... hmmm.... olive soap" I sniffed on her wrist, and yes, it was actually smelling quite good. I had to try it myself and instantly realised it was so pleasant that it deserved a review...

But I´m curious to know more about the little box. Is this a cheap souvenire sold everywhere in Parma? has some of you tried any of the scents in the box? My box contains: Giglio, Orchidea, Garofano, Sandalo, Colonia Ambra and Colonia Origano. The labels are very pretty, with bright colors and art deco feeling. I can´t find much information about any of them, but it seem that several of the scents was launched about 1930 and are now discontinued. You might buy the box as vintage retailers, but I can´t find and homepage for Borsari 1870. Whatever, I am quite pleased with my little bargain and I also found that it wasn´t only Giglio that was worth trying...

Pic: From Tradera

onsdag 21 april 2010

Simone Cosac - Trama (and a draw)

Much have been said about roses. And, despite that roses aren´t really one of my favorite flowers, still I it touches my emotionally to see roses, real or pictures doesn´t matter. Roses comes in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Some of them has such a strong fragrance and others have hardly any scent at all. The pics above can´t do justice to all the different roses there is, but still they´re beautiful all of them. Roses are maybe the most feminine of flowers. And as with roses, women also comes in all different colors, shapes and sizes. And we´re all beautiful just like roses are.

When I test a perfume with rose I mostly got a strong feeling about the color of the rose. Some perfumes make me think of red roses, others are pale pink or golden yellow and even sometime almost as black as velvet. Unfortunatly, a lot of rose perfumes can´t make this magnificent flower justice. But, I do have some favorites: L'Artuisan´s Safran Troublant, Parfumerie Generale´s Brulure de Rose, Keiko Mecheri´s Loukhoum and Etat Libre D'Orange´s Rossy de Palma.

And, now I´ve got a new favorit among roses. Simone Cosac´s Trama. Trama is the second scent from simone Cosac, I´ve wrote about her first scent a while ago:

Trama and Perle di Bianca has some similarities, they´re both scents with high quality and luxurious ingrediences. Both have flowers in the leading role and they´re also very feminine both of them. Just like Perle di Bianca, there is something tranquil and serene in Trama. Therefor Trama is a worthy follower.

Despite the many similarities, there are also a lot of differences. While perle di Bianca is a lush, creamy and saturated floral, Trama is another kind of floral. The topnote of Trama is utterly delicious. It´s like a very light note of tight rosebuds together with, and dominated by, the rich green rose stems, leafs and thorns. Trama´s opening smells exactly like when you´re opening a bouqet of roses, still cold and the flowers still don´t have much of a smell but the greenery has a very typical green scent, something reminding a little of citrus fruits and lively freshness. The rosebuds of Trama are pale pink with some whipped cream color. Rosebuds for a little curly princesse in pink...

I´ve got a dab sample of Trama, but still the wonderful green, crips opening lasts about half an hour on me, even though the scent of rose becomes more and more obvious. And this is a beautful and different interprention of rose. A mild, but slightly spicy note occurs, close to the spicy smell some roses has natural, but in Trama created with pink and black peppercorns, and it smells very genuin and natural. In my imagination, the rose in Trama has become another kind of rose, now it is a rose close to full bloom, a delicate, but strong pink kind of rose. Fresh, transparent, soft yet warm and saturated.

This phase of Trama is also longlasting, but after a while new notes are showing. Something I first think of as black currant, warm, fruity but very discrete. After a while I realise it´s the scent of an perfect sunripe peach. I didn´t know, until now, that peach and black currant can smell so similar.

When the note of peaches shows, Trama is developing again, now it become a golden red rose vibrantly in full bloom. Aromatic, sensual and very feminin. Notes of patchouli, amber, benzoin and peru balm makes a vibrant backdrop to the still gorgeus rose. I can´t smell any geranium in Trama, a note common in many rose perfumes. Instead, jasmine and tuberose works together to deepen and strenghten the scent of rose, which is made in a very elegant and seamless way.

The basenote is warm, golden but also fleeting and light, even though quite strong notes are used. Patchouli and cedar makes a comfy woody and sensual base, but very subtle not accentuated.

I recommend Trama to everyone that likes sensual, feminine scents, aspecially to those of you that likes roses, no matter if you prefer real or perfumed roses, I´m sure Trama will satisfy you. Trama is a little more quiet then Perle di Biance, but a quiet little masterpiece that is.

I´ve got two small (1,5 ml) samples of Trama. If you leave a comment I include you in the draw. I´ll draw two winners on monday morning 26/4. The contest is also on my Swedish blog, but it´s two samples not four. Good Luck!

Pics: On top both roses from Flickr, bottom rose painting by Anastasia

måndag 19 april 2010

Givenchy - Ange ou Démon

I´ve had a really nice week with my parents. My sister and her husband and the kids come to celebrate his 75 years birthday on saturday and we had a really good time. But, thanks to the volcano on Iceland my parents can´t return home as planned. So they had to book train tickets insetad and therefore they´ll be here until tomorrow afternoon. Now, they´ve gone in to town for a while, so I take the chanse to write a little.

Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon is a really interesting scent I think. Interesting because it´s manage to make it´s name justice (on me). But, never during the same wear. When I tried Ange ou Demon for the first time, I´ve got almost in love and belived that I should own a bottle of it in no time. But, however I tried it again and that time it didn´t smelled good at all on me. Later on I´ve got a sample of it, and realised I used it quite frequently, until the last remaining when it happened again, I didn´t like it, it smelled not good at all!

8 times of 10 Ange ou Demon smells really good and also interesting on me. The opening is both warm and rich but also fresh with notes of tangerine and saffron. The heart notes brings sweetness from ylang ylang and some kind of sticky notes, maybe from the orchid, But sticky notes that I like and not at all prominent. Together with a soft lily note it makes me think of pearls, lipsticks and powder. Notes of oakmoss occurs and contribute with a deep to the scent and also a dusty feeling. During this phase of Ange ou Demon I get both a very feminine feeling, still I think it has androngyn apperance also and probably this scent would work on some men as well.

When Ange ou Demon behave this way on me I almost forget about that I don´t like it from time to time. This is a really pleasant and personal scent. The heart notes are sweet, but with some crispy scent, maybe from the flowers and more complex than most "mainstream" fragrances. Still, it´s quite linear but things are going on under the surface. Smelling it up close I first sense a scent of soft, crispy and yet, powdery florals, beneath there is lipstick, vanilla and sweetness and deepest down I can smell oakmoss lingering together with perfumed rosewood. Ange ou Demon is quite longlasting and the basenote is warm, sweet and filled with vanilla, rosewood and cozy tonka bean.

But... occationally when I wear Ange ou Demon, the oakmoss becomes so strong and dominant that I can´t stand it. The "bad" times it smells like heavy, strong and large amounts of dusty oakmoss together with a not pleasant sticky note like some strong glue or melted plastic. Those times I usually scrub it of as fast as possible.

Do you have any idea what this can depend on? Do you have any scent that can be almost a favorite some time and a scrubber the other time?

Pic: Deography

söndag 11 april 2010

A week off...

My parents will visit me and my family during next week, and we´ll celebrate my fathers 75 years birthday. :) So I wont write anything here next week, but hopefully I´ll be back with a little this and that the week there after.

Some things that I probably write about soon: An all shiny and new Italian perfume and a drawing. Also some new and interesting German perfumes and maybe, if I dare, a review of an ordinary "mainstream-scent"....

Pic: Flickr

fredag 9 april 2010

I forgot!

I don´t what it depends on, but I usually forget about one or two scents when I´m thinking through which perfumes I´ve been using most frequently during a period. Maybe it´s because I´m getting older?

Anyway, the perfume I forgot about is D'Orsay´s Tilleul and it more then deserve a place on my spring top list since I´ve used my little spray sample very much. I wonder how I´ll do when it´s nothing left? I kind of plan to ask someone living in France to buy a bottle for me...

Spring favorites

It´s almost mid-april and there is still snow left here. A spring toplist feels a little more far away than usual this spring. And where I live the spring doesnt look anything like the pic above, yet... But I guess it´ll be a nice spring this year too, eventually.

On monday my parents arrive here, my fathers 75'th birthdays is around the corner and I wish the weather to become a little bit better when they arrive, usually when they´re here in april the spring is beautiful with flowers and butterflies.

I test a lot of perfumes, but now and then I also manage to wear the scents I like the most. And now i then I also discover which scents i truly like the most, sometimes a perfume I loved when trying it for the first time become left in my drawers when I shall chose a favorite scent for the day. That is so strange.

Fisrt place this period is anything with amber(gris), I´ve lamost drown myself in ambery svents during march, Farmacia SS Annunziata´s Ambra Nera, Montale´s Blue Amber, Serge Lutens Ambre Sultan (this manage to sneak in to every toplist, no matter time of year!) and Laboratorio Olfattivo´s Alambar and Cozumel.

Second place is all kinds of perfume oils, I´ve got a new period of perfume oil obsession in the end of march. So I´ve wear anything I have found in my drawers such as Opus Oil´s Tramp and Jitterbugg, BPAL´s Alice, Wanda and Harvest Moon, Scent by the Sea´s Sweet Hashish and an incredible jummy body oil from Perle di Bianca that I´ve used on my hands every day. I´ve even ordered "imps" (samples) from BPAL together with my oldest daughter, I guess they´ll arrive sometime during summer!

Third place is to anything with smell of "old" makeup, dust and kind of theater behind the scene feeling like Hilde Soliani´s Vecchi Rosetti, Histoire des Parfums Moulin Rouge 1889, and I´m sure Lorenzo Villoresi´s Musk would have make it, but it´s a little new, to me, yet.

Fourth place is to my beloved Guerlain-decants, Cuir Beluga and Tonka Imperiale, I still think Cuir Beluga smells best, but then Tonka Imperiale is the more interesting of the two.

Fifth place is warm, oriental florals like Estee Lauder´s Amber Ylang Ylang, Guerlain´s Insolence, Rochas Tocade and Cristobal Balenciaga.

Sixth place goes to Bond No 9's Coney Island. I love it, it deserve a much better place though!

Seventh place is for Givenchy´s Ange ou Demon, love this one too.

Not even close to be on the list is anything with strong patchouli note. I know I kind of like Angel Liquer de Parfum a lot, but still, I can´t stand anything with patchouli in it for now. I do hope I´ll start liking patchouli again, usually it´s one of my favorite notes in perfume.

Now I want the spring to arrive for real, my list feels more like a late winter list than a spring list I think.

Which are your favorites during this late winter/ early spring? Have you get any new favorite and maybe abandoned an old? Or are there any single note capturing you the most?

Pic: Kathlen Luis

onsdag 7 april 2010

Lorenzo Villoresi - Musk

When I was sure that I´ve understan Lorenzo Villoresi´s perfume making style, there was this little scent Musk showing up! because I´ve learned to respect the strenght in many other scents from villores I tried it on my vrist with only the lightest spray. And I smelled... and... huuu... and smelled and... haaa? Where is it??? Aaaah... mmmm... there.

This was a big surprise (or a small) and when I realised that Musk was entirely different from the others I´ve tried from Villoresi I asked my husband to smell on my vrist. It´s quite strong he said. OK, I guess I´m partly anosmic for Musk, but that doesan´t mean that I don´t like it, cause I do!

Musk starts off with fragile, foggy and light notes of flowers. Almost like a bouquet of dried roses that has been forgotten on a shelf for a long time. A weak scent of dry paper, dried flowers and a littlest hint of something dusty (but, in such a good way, some dust in perfumes is mostly interesting I think), and some spcies that long ago lost most of their strenght.

This might sound negtiva, but it isn´t, it´s really interesting I think. And it sure smells good. The flowers in this scent is mostly roses, and usually I´m a little picky when it comes to roses in perfume, but these roses don´t remind me of any other roses I know of in perfume. I know many of you have problems with the kind of rose scents that reminds about pot-purri, and this is something like this, but still a very interesting, complicated and unique scent. Besides the dry notes, there is also something cool, even remindning a little about ice cream in it. Beneath the rosy surface I know there is musk, even though I can only smell it very fainth, but I know it is there.

This is the scent that people that are skeptic against musk scents should try! To compare it with some more well knowned musk I have to compare it with Serge Lutens Muscs Koublai Khan, this is like MKKs new born baby sister, clean, innocent and soft, but still you can tell they are related!

During the base note, the scent of musk are stronger, but still very subtle on me. Musk is all the way a very soft, gentle and comfy kind of scent. Musk scents are supposed to smell a little like your skin but better, and Musk isn´t an exception. But Musk brings, not only the warm, golden musk base but the scent of almost transparent dried roses are also there. It is a smell like a sensual body and dreamed about flowers. And it is all the time more sensual, dreamy and soft then erotic. This may depend on the fact that I -probably- only smell parts of the scent.

If you´re interesting in musk scents, you must give tjis a try. And for sure, if you´re usually not much for musk in perfumes. This little soft musk plays in it own field.

Despite the subtile character this is a longlasting scent, I alsways likes when a scent I put on at evening still lingers on my skin the next morning.

I know many of you either likes musk a lot or not at all. What is your fav musk fragrance? When do you use more powerful musks like MKK and when do you prefer the softer one´s?

Pic: Hopper

Lorenzo Villoresi - Teint de Neige

I´ve tried to find some interesting pic with to much powder, but I didn´t. So a pic of Nicole Kidman with traces of powder in her face was what I come up with eventually.

Teint de Neige (color of snow) is like most perfumes from Lorenzo Villoresi really strong. As a matter of fact (after reading a comment on the blog yesterday) I´ll even could recommend that you spray your hock´s to avoid overdose if you´re sensitive to strong scents. Well, strong and powerful scents is something positive also, a bottle will last forever, instead of having to spray your self wet with the scents, as is the case with some fumes out there.

Some times I test powdery scents that is so soft and discrete powdery that I even think those of you not so into powdery perfumes should give it a try. But, this isn´t the case with Teint de Neige, if you´re not a fan of powdery in perfume, you probably should avoid Teint de Neige. Teint de Neige is the most powerful and strong powdery and soapy scent that I´ve tried. It wraps me up in super strong and feminine caress for hours. It´s like being in a cave made of soap or a room totally covered in powder.

I happen to like powdery scents, and occationally I also enjoy some soapy notes in perfumes. Teint de Neige has some similarity to some of my favorite scents like, Ava Luxe´s Nude Musk, D&Gs Sicily, Le Labo´s Labdanum 18 and the Israeli perfume, Linga Sharira (I´m not sure which of these that was first). Teint de Neige has little pieces of all of them, but in the end, Teinte de Neige is, by far, the most powerful among them.

Grown up, in the outskirt of Nothern Europe, I don´t think that Teint de Neige have some similarity to snow, more like a landscaped totally covered in powder, but with flowers underneath. Despite the strong powdery and soapy parts of Teint de Neige I can smell notes of roses, jasmine and heliotrope all the time also.

Teint de Neige is so concrete and obvious as a scent of powder can be. At the same time it is to strong to remind me of the traditional old women-scent. And, in contrast to many modern powdery scents, Teint de Neige isn´t hiding that kind of sexy and erotic musk that pops up in the end. It´s more like sensual, beautiful and creamcolored all the way. The sillage is huge and it is really, really longlasting.

I wont spray Lorenzo Villoresi´s scents around my neck, I spray at my wrist or maybe half a spray in my decolletage.

Have you tried perfumes from other lines that are so strong you need to spray it in you hock? What do you prefer, strong and powerful perfumes or perfumes that you have to spray yourself wet with?


måndag 5 april 2010

Lorenzo Villoresi - Yerbamate

Lorenzo Villoresi, Florence, Italy offers not only perfumes but also scented homeproducts as incense and scented candels. But, as usual I´m most interested in the perfumes. Lorenzo Villoresi offers 16 different scents, everything between classic cologne and traditional scents to more modern fantasy scents.

There is no doubt about that Lorenzo Villoresi´s perfumes are blended from the finest ingrediences and with excellent skill. The bottles are also very nice to look at, simple but still luxurious. Most Villoresi perfumes should be used with light hand, since they are strong, almost concrete in apperance. You can find more information about Lorenzo Villoresi´s products here:

When I´m trying a lot of scents from the same line, I can appreciate them all being well made, interesting and fine. But, finally one, two or maybe three of the scents manage to catch me the most. Among Lorenzo Villoresi´s scents, Yerbamate has become one of my favorites.

Yerbamate is an Argentinian beverage made of herbs and similar to tea. Originally it was served in a calebass and with a straw to avoid drinking the leafs. The beverage are, as coffee and tea, mildly stimulating.

Yerbamate as a scent, is both exciting, comfy and surprising. The first notes are bitter, sour and very green. Like lying on your back surrounded by high grass and look up on the huge blue sky with strange clouds on it. Suddenly, I change view, instead I am floating above the waist grass plains, maybe like an eagle soaring on the wind, resting and looking down on an never ending Pampas below. The grass slowly change color, from fresh green to golden to almost glowing red, colored by the last rays of the setting sun.

The grassland of Pampas are glowing, the bitter topnotes are followed by fresh greenery, glowing greenery and almost smoky greenery, but maybe it´s the smell of a campfire far away? Some gauchos (Argentinian cowboys) preparing some yerbamate I guess.

Yes, Yerbamate takes me on an amazing journey across infinite grassland. From time to time I can have problems to agree with green scents, but Yerbamate isn´t one of them. Yerbamate is both adventurous, silent and different at the same time. It mamage to make an impression of "upside-down world" like it was possible to float on you back in the sky and watch the green earth passing by down there.

Yerbamate isn´t only about green, the heartnotes are more like greenish red and glowing, yet fresh and with notes of smoke and (I guess) yerbamate. The basenotes are also really good, the grass has aged, become golden, dry and aromatic, like hay. The base is very harmoniuos, golden and almost powdery. For the first time in yerbamate, I can smell something sweet. Never to much, just the discrete sweetness of hay.

Yerbamate has good sillage and strenght, you won´t need so much, and still this scent goes on for many hours. Yerbamate is suiting for any age and no matter if you´re man or women. I do like it a lot now, but I think I´ll like it even more during late summer and autumn, when I usually like perfumes with haynote a lot.

Soon it´ll be something more from Lorenzo Villoresi, don´t miss it. DSo you have any favorites from Lorenzo Villoresi? If you haven´t tried any from LV yet, I think you should, they´re very much worth to discover.

Pic: Judd Patterson

torsdag 1 april 2010

Happy Easter and Happy News!

Soon the kids are going to have easter break, but we don´t have any plans since my husband work most of the easter holiday.

Yesterday I´ve heard some really good news, Ava Luxe (Serena Ava Franco) is going to get back with perfumes again! For start not that many different scents to chose from, but instead it might be some new perfumes to look forward to. This is so exciting and fun I think!

Personally I´m about to test another Italian perfume brand, molto bene, but there are a lot of perfumes to sniff through.

And I´m thinking about having a little perfume meeting up in Stockholm. Probably most people interested in a meeting in Stockholm will read my Swedish blog, but however if you´re not good in Swedish and want´s to know more about it, please leave a comment.

A Happy Easter ot each and every one. Do you have any special easter perfume?