söndag 15 november 2009

Histoires de Parfums - Vert Pivoine

My grandmother had a coupple of beautiful peonys in her garden. As a kid I was fascinated by the flowers, so heavy that they leaned down to the ground. Peonys are the flower equivalent to fluffy, creamy fancy cake or the overloaded dresses of the rokoko-era. When my half-sister get married she had flowers from my grandmothers peonys in her wedding boquet, and my mother made it for her. One of the most beautiful wedding boquets I´ve seen.

But apart from that? Is peonys all about apperance? Or do they have any actual smell? Honestly, as I remember my grandmothers peonys, they didn´t smelled good, they rather smelled kind of not so good. But I´ve seen there is some sort of peonys called fragrant peoys, and I guess they smell good.

It must be that kind of peonys I find in Histoires de Parfums Vert Pivoine. Because this is an all together soft, comfy and pretty floral scent. Even tough I can´t say it smelles like peonys. My favourite among Histoires de Parfumes scents is the harsh, stiff leathery Marquis de Sade, and Vert Pivoine is almost as far away from it as it is possible to come. Still, I like it.

No, Vert Pivoine isn´t really my kind of scent. It´s a shy, light and never in your face kind of floral scent. But, as such, a really pleasant, nice and also a little different take on sheer floral. I find a slightly aquatic note in it and something minty, this contribute to the scents see through character. The floral note is in there, but very subdued. The green notes are easy, transparent and crispy. It´s like the faintest water colours, pink and green as light as they are close to white. Even if the scent is airy and light, it still has some kind of concrete poetic feel. It´s not one of Histoires de parfums "historic" scents, but still it´s like a nowadays rare, fragile interprention of femininity. Like an in apperance fragile ballerina in ballet shoes and tutu, but with an almost unhuman strenght and skill underneath the fragile surface.

Vert Pivoine slowly sails away like big pink petals on the ponds calm surface.

It last pretty long, but the scent is kind of fleeting. Sillage is light. It is both tight and romantic, beautiful but not that easy accesable.

Is there anyone that have tried the re-formulation of Marquis de Sade? I can´t belive it is to the better, since Marquis de Sade is one of my favourite leathery scents, but who knows?


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