lördag 28 november 2009

Christmas is closing in...

In the US my American perfume friends recently celebrated Thanksgiving. About a month earlier they celebrate Halloween, a feast we´ve halfly import to Sweden. Not so appreciated by older people, but really popular among kids and young people.

Earlier we had big autumn holidays in Sweden to. Mikkels mass in the end of september and All Saints day in the end of october, ok it´s still common to decorate the graves this weekend, but there isn´t much to celebrate.

No, in Sweden and many other European countries, Christmas is the only holliday to look forward to during all the long, grey, rainy, cold, snowy, wet and boring autumn. Maybe we would be a little less Christmas hysterical if we had some other feast to celebrate during autumn?

I think I am about halfway hysterical when it comes to Christmas. I´ve start looking at Christmas gifts and love to decide what present that would be the best for each and everyone. A nice thing is that my oldest son specific want´s a perfume in Christmas present. He get one last Christmas and that must have been a success, since he want´s one agian. He even asked for a perfume to his girlfriend as well. I have some plans, something youthful, quite cherful but also really cool.

Of course I wish perfume for myself also. My husband thinks it´s best that I chose and he give me money. Oh, how hard it is to decide. Shall I buy one big bottle or several a little cheaper or a lots of decants or one perfume and one dress or...??? It´s not easy.

Otherwise I sit here and smell a wonderful perfume. A Hilde Solani perfume that is. You will read quite a deal about Hilde Solani´s perfumes here at the blog soon. Don´t miss it!

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  1. Howdy, Rebella!!
    Well, as an American, I can say that Thanksgiving is a vastly superior holiday over Christmas (unless you are a kid, of course...)

    The thing I hate about Xmas, at least here in the States, is that there is this toxic forced cheer that accompanies it: Be happy!!! Best time of year!!! Blech!!!

    No. It's not. It is, as you point out, the coldest, darkest time of year.

    I suppose it makes a difference that I'm not a religious person. But every year, in the winter, I do try to take time to be present and to focus on the dark, quiet time of year, rather than trying to stuff it full of food, activity and light. (Of course, you might say, that's what January is for...)

    I think smelling good scents is one way to have pleasure, travel, and happy memories, no matter where you are...


  2. It is the same way with Christmas here, maybe when people didn´t have it that good the Christmas was more genuin? Like my mother she still talks about a pair of home maid skis she got from an old uncle in the village where she grew up. :)

  3. It does seem Christmas turned into a forced celebration but I've always associated it with warm feeling of sharing the best with your family and close ones, so I'm really looking forward to it (and I totally profited from all the post-Thanksgiving sales everywhere, that's good part of the holiday we don't celebrate here).
    Rebella, don't you have a celebration for St. Lucia as well?