lördag 21 november 2009

D.S and Durga - Cowgirl Grass

It´s hard to decide wich to start with, when it comes to D,S & Durga´s Cowgirl Grass and Cowboy Grass. To me, they´re both very far apart interprentions of the same thing, namely grass. They´re both what I would call unisex-scent, rather than masculine or feminine. Cowgirl Grass a little more at the feminine side and Cowboy Grass, well you can guess, a tiny bit masculin.

When trying Cowgirl Grass and Cowboy Grass I become curious to explore grass more thouroughly. I do not mean anything but ordinary grass that grows on the lawn or the meadow. Both of the Grass-varieties make me realise what complex scents there can be in just a tiny tuffet of grass.

Cowgirl Grass is the fresh, dewy kind of grass. Like lying on the back in dewy summer grass with the blue sky with little clouds on above. Butterflies and bumblebees flies around you and the smell of grass is strong, fresh, weedy and with some floral notes as well. It´s like I have tuffet iof grass in my hands and the smell is juicy green, almost as if I´ve got grass in my mouth. I am sure most of us have tried to eat grass some time?

When the scent develops it becomes stronger, dryer (but never dry) and warmer. De weak floral notes becomes a little stronger, but still, it´s a green scent with some floral, not the other way around. Cowgirl Grass is interesting, genuin but also comfy. Lazy and relaxed like a summer day, but also unique and personal. During the dry down Cowgirl Grass got a little more perfumed character, a little more feminine as well.

Cowgirl Grass has medium sillage and decent longvity, about 4 hours on me, even tough little traces of it last for about 6 hours.

I do like Cowgirld Grass, but I like Cowboy Grass even more.

Pic: home and garden

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