torsdag 19 november 2009

D.S and Durga - Rosa Americana

Do you like rosehip soup? I do not like it that much, but now and then I´ve got cravings for it, and then there isn´t anything that taste the same as rosehip soup.

D.S & Durga offers a very pleasant and challenging collection (or actually, several) of perfumes. Their homepage is beautiful, well made and makes at least me, very curious. Take a look at it:

I´ve got a nice selection of their perfumes in samples, and haven´t tried all yet. I´ve liked all of them I´ve tried this far, but one in particular make me want to write about it at once. Namely, Rosa Americana.

D:S & Durga doesn´t reveal much about the notes in their perfumes, but in Rosa Americana at least one note is obvious, rose. On my skin, Rosa Americana become a rose scent beyond what is usual when it comes to roses in perfume. There is dark, spicy roses and fresh, natural roses, roses with gourmandnotes and there is Rosa Americana.

The first note I smell is the note of rose, somehwat fleeting but also a little sweet, but pretty soon it changes to a note of rosehip. Yes, there is a distinct note of rosehip, but also a little rose flower, as if the rose bush bopth have flowering roses and rosehips at the same time. The rosehip note become dominating, but all the time keeping at the light, airy side, never to sweet, to much or cloying (like a big bowl of hot rosehip soup when you´re not up to it!). On D.S & Durga´s homepage you can read about the smell surrounding the rose bush, rather then the rose bush itself and that is pretty accurate.

The rosehip note is still there, but get company by a light honey note, like rose honey, some similarities to turkish delight, but never pronounced, strong or sweet. Just a little lingering and soft. Sher yet beautiful. So now we got rosehip, honey and airyness and then comes some juicy tobacco. Like the smell of pipe tobbaco, but from some distant. Really beautiful, interesting and different, have never encountered anything like this actually! During the heart phase of the scent, the notes are changing and sometimes the honey are dominating but soon there after the tobacco is. Really, really nice and unique. At the same time a scent I think most would like, it never becomes to strange, odd or edgy.

Not until the basenotes anyway, the honey becomes oily and more like bees wax, but that is ok with me, it´s the note of moss that occurs that make Rosa Americana lost me a little. No there isn´t a heavy moss note, it´s kind of light, but still pronounced, and as you know by now, mossnote isn´t one of my favourites. Yes, Rosa Americana still smells good, but not as good as during the opening and heart. It is thanks to the opening and heart I will return to Rosa Americana.

Rosa America have decent longvity, bot not amazing and the sillage is a little below medium.

D.S & Durga´s perfumes isn´t the easiest to come by, but if you get a chanse to try some of their perfumes, don´t miss those lovely and different rebel-perfumes! I will write about some other D.S & Durga perfumes, so don´t miss that either!

Pic: anandasoup

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