tisdag 3 november 2009

Nicolas Danila - Arabian Gardens

Arabian Gardens is pretty much the opposite to Asian Gardens. It´s warm, woody and aromatic while Asian Gardens is cold, airy and soft. Arabian Gardens is mood lifting and gives energy and happiness while Asian Gardens calm you down. Despite a lot of differences there are also similarities, both (actually all in the line except Amazonian Gardens) are light, easy and transparent creations. Not that strange when it´s about an aquatic perfume, but more so when it comes to an oriental scent.

Arabian Gardens have that quite rare glowing sensation that I´ve found in perfumes like M. Micallef´s Gaiac and Montale´s Red Aoud. Even if it´s glowing, warm and aromatic it´s also soft, caressing and subdued. There isn´t anything strong, loud or to much about Arabian Gardens.

Arabian gardens make me think about the peace in an Arabian Garden with trees that offers shadow and the calming sound of purling fountains, but also having lessons in Arabian calligraphy with an old and very peaceful calligraphy master or to sit with my back against a thick wall that protects against the heat from the sun and eating ripe fruits such as oranges, tangerines and mango...

Yes, I notice a scent of sun ripe fruits in Arabian Gardens opening, the green notes that are supposed to be there escape my sense of smell or my skin chemistry. This isn´t at all sweet, spritzy or sharp fruits, this is more of a floral, soft and very comforting fruit note. After a short period of time the fruits get companied with the amazing glowing note. Hot wood, like in a sauna, with a little trace of tar. And no, this is no way close to noisy, hard or strong only fascinating. I have to sit with my nose close to my wrist a lot when I´m wearing Arabian Gardens.

Arabian Gardens is something that rare as an oriental perfume you can use in any occation. You can use it at the office or whenever you don´t want to smell to much or to strong (but still oriental). Don´t make the mistake to believe this to be a boring scent, because it´s everything but that, Arabian Gardens is truly an enchanting and sensual scent.

Among the perfumes in Aladin Gardens, Arabian Gardens is the one that is most me. And if Asian Gardens isn´t that perfect for cold weather, Arabian Gardens is as made for this time of year.

After a while the fruity notes wears off, but the spicy and glowing scent stays for a long time, after a while accompanied with dry, aromatic vetiver. Despite it´s lightness, Arabian Gardens is very longlasting, little traces of vetiver still lingers on my skin after the night. The sillage is very easy, but a little more than in Asian Gardens.

Generally I find the scents of Aladin Gardens to be beautiful, well made and fine, even tough it´s Arabian Gardens and Asian Gardens that manage to capture me.

Aboriginal Gardens smells soft citrus floral on me, with some green notes, after a while it turn more creamy milky. Amerindian Gardens have a cool rose rhubarb note, but become a little to sharp on me. Polynesian Gardens is a sunwarmth tropical scent with some salty sea notes as well. European Gardens I´ve already written a little about and Amazonian Gardens is... well, so outstaning and strange it deserve to be mentioned.

Yesterday, I make my husband try Amazonian Gardens, he got a small drop on his wrist before we get outside with the dog. And that tiny drop followed us all around the forest, even tough it was hided beneath winter jacket and glows! Amazonian Gardens is more than a perfume, it´s a phenomenon. Even tough I can´t really like it, I find it amazing and almost a bit frightening. In my opinion, it would be more suitable among the darkest creations of Serge Lutens, than in line dedicated to gardens. I am so very curious about how Nicolas Danila and others that worked with this perfumes thought about Amazonian Gardens.

Alhambra (with garden) is actually situated in Spain, but after all Alhambra is of Arabian origin and therefore I think of the garden as an Arabian garden, and it´s also very, very beautiful I think!

Pic:Alhambra_Garden, wikimedia

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