torsdag 26 november 2009

Lalique - Perles de Lalique

Some scents are hard to describe even tough I like them. Perles de Lalique is one of those scents. It isn´t the kind of fragrance I usually enjoys to wear, and it isn´t so interesting or different that I can´t resist it either. Perles de Lalique just is.

Perles de Lalique is one of the most elegant perfumes that I know of and also appreciate. It´s kind of rare for me to feel like I want to be elegant. Perles de Lalique is also kind of conservative, there isn´t anything progressive, experimental or odd about it. It is classic, soft, elegant, discrete, beautiful but also sexy. Yes, perles de lalique is really sexy, but as for from slutty sexy as it is possible to be.

The rose in it is very soft, restrained and cool like a white rose growing in the snow. The note of white pepper is contributing to the cold, but also very aromatic, dry and beautiful feeling. Perles de Lalique do deserve it´s name, cause this is a fragrance that would wear really nice together with a classic, elegant pearl necklace. Perles de Lalique is well-groomed nails with mother of pearl glossy nude nailcolour. It is gorgeus silk underwear soft as water. Or like a spiderweb in the wood covered with dew drops. Powdery sherness. Tailormade. Rye blonde hair in a simple knot.

Perles de Lalique is something of a chameleon. It works at the office, but also on your wedding. It would do for party, but also for casual. But, it doesn´t really suit me, still I like it. Why?

Pic: beautiful-spider-web01

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