söndag 8 november 2009

Dabbing or spraying?

I know that most eau de toilettes and eau de parfumes that are sold today are supposed to be sprayed on. Still I´ve noticed that I in many ways prefer to dab on the perfume, even in the cases when it isn´t pure perfume or perfume oil.

The small samples I order are usually meant for dabbing, but some samples directly from manufacturers are spraysamples and of course it´s also possible to order spray samples from for example The Perfumed Court. But since I enjoy my dab samples I usually stuck to them.

I´ve talked with my oldest daughter about this, and she even stated that she usually likes the scent much more in a little sample vial, when she finally got it in a big bottle she tend to discover that she don´t really like it as much as before.

To dab on the scent, become more of a ritual than to spray it. You have to be careful with the little sample so you don´t waste expensive drops of perfume.
As I mention before, a small sample vial of 1 ml can last for pretty long time. When i order a larger decant I sometimes feel like I waste a coupple of ml´s in just a few sprays! Oh!

Some of the bottles and spray decants I´ve got sprays so generous that I sometimes think of breaking the spray device and dab the scent instead. No, I wont, but maybe you see what I mean?

At the same time I´ve noticed that a lot of scents get a totally different height and sillage with spraying, there is one rule, and that is that it doesn´t seem to be one!

What do you think? Do you sometimes miss to dab on a few drops after you bought the loved scent in a big bottle or decant? Or do you prefer spray always? And how come roll-on is so seldom used? Couldn´t that be a good middle way?

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  1. Oh, I'm a dabber-- to be sure!! I completely agree with you-- I hate spraying perfume-- it goes everywhere, it's so wasteful...

    I know it's declasse, but I LOVE the roll-on. (I think it's because that used to be such a common packaging for deodorants, that roll-ons have a bad reputation.)

    But I think it's the nicest way possible to apply perfume!! Right where you want it, as much as you want, no fear of spilling, like with the little sample bottles. Let's start a revolution!!

    Rita @leftcoasenose

  2. I have discover that if I have a 1 ml dab sample it usually last longer than if I get me a spray sample of the same scent with about 2,5 ml.

    Roll-on revolution sound kind of good also. :)

  3. P.S. I linked to this today-- It's such an important issue-- nobody talks about it!! Thank you again for bringing up the topic!

  4. Hi, Rebella - I'm popping over here from LCN. It's an interesting issue. There are scents I didn't "get" from dabbing, that made sense to me once sprayed (Parfum Sacre, which I adore). There are scents that don't last long on me when dabbed but do when sprayed (Bvlgari Black and Carnal Flower, for example). There are scents that are too "big" when sprayed but just right when dabbed (Shalimar) and scents I love when dabbed but find unpleasant sprayed (L'Arte di Gucci, another Favorite, and which I decant into roll-on bottles). I agree with you, I don't think there's a rule - it depends very much on the scent, and on the nose smelling it.