torsdag 12 november 2009

Parfumerie Generale - Tubereuse Couture

There is something very special with severe coldness. No, I am not a winter lover, but when it become really, really cold there is something magical about it.

For me this state occurs when the temperature has fallen below -35c. It´s a kind of border between usual coldness and magical coldness. Severe, icy coldness with the arctic dark sky above covered with aurora borealis (northern lights) sparkling across it with it´s gentle humming sound. It´s like, for a while, being transported to an other world. A magic, cold, beautiful, but also cruel world.

Sounds become distorted, the feeling of space changes and become more shaped like a tunnel and everything seem to have sharper contures than usually. You can feel you´re not supposed to be out in this cold for such a long time. And, even tough you have experienced it before, you´re drawn to it, like an human explorer on an alien planet. There is something very interesting with that kind of cold, you can´t really get used to it (or maybe, if you´re an inuit you actually can!). And maybe, the world will never be more beautiful then it is in snow covered forrest, the moon is rising big and red and the aurora borealis dancing over the blackest sky ever and the temperature is on it´s way below -40c.

Parfumerie Generale´s Tubereuse Couture can be the coldest of all cold tuberose-scents I´ve tried. The opening is so icy and cold it make me think of arctic nights, aurora borealis, ice crystals and palaces made of snow and ice. Thing actually quite scentless, because cold aren´t the best surroundings for scent. But in my imagination, aurora borealis can smell like Tubereuse Couture. Cold and sparkling but with elements of colour.

Tubereuse Couture is a scent that chnges. Maybe the small ice crystals melts from the warmth of my skin, but slowly, because it take some time to melt something that cold. From extreme coldness to something with traces of wild strawberries. Still, it´s cold wild strawberries, like strawberry sorbét maybe? The strawberry notes lingers in and out of the tuberose note. For me, Tubereuse Couture is a very complex and changing fragrance.

It´s like making a journey from the coldest part of our world, trough the temperate zones and reach the Tropics. It´s a mindblowing and strange trip. Mindblowing and interesting, but honeslty, I would have prefer to stay in ice and coldness rather to suddenly embrase the sun, warmth, spices and coconut. Yes, now it´s become sweet, creamy and spicy.

Not to sweet or creamy, Tubereuse Couture is all the time a very refined and elegant scent. But I do find the heartnotes a bit strange thinking of the opening. During this phase, the tuberose become toned down, I can smell other flowers, I think jasmine and something sweeter and fruitier. The wild strawberry note stays and it´s all together nice, pretty and well made. But I do prefer the opening, I feel that I am losing my curiosity during this phase.

The base notes are rich, warm, creamy and soft. Really nice, but with no connection to the opening. Tubereuse Couture are longlasting and with great sillage, but never becomes to much or to strong. Do you want to try a perfume taking you on a really long trip, I reallt recommend Tubereuse Couture, so much longer than from the North Pole to the Equator it´s hard to go with only one perfume.

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  1. You truly draw me in with the enchanting way you write. I believe you have lots of readers and very few commenters;-) Please don't stop.
    I love this scent, and you hit the nail right on the head with the description. Love it. And living in Florida but being from Norway, the cold can be frightening. Brrrrr!

  2. I hope I´ve got more readers then commenters. I also write a swedish blog where my readers comment more frequent, I have never figured out why.

    Tubereuse Couture could be my second best tuberose-scent, with Carnal Flower as No 1, to bad it´s so expensive. :(