måndag 9 november 2009

Hilde Solani - FRaaagola saalaaata

Hilde Solani´s perfumes are truly niche-perfumes, since they´re so hard to find. What I can find, there isn´t any retailer within Europe, but some in US. Hilde Solani don´t have any homepage either, witch I find a little strange and also boring, since I have been curious about her perfumes for a long time.

Anyway, I manage to get me a sample of FRaaagola saalaaata, yes it´s supposed to be spelled that way. It is salted strawberries in italian.

FRaaagola saalaaata is everything I hoped that Montale´s Mukhallat would be and a little more. FRaaagola saalaaata is a scent in the same, rare genre as Frederic Malle´s Lipstick Rose. It´s happy, fun, feminine and so very mood lifting I almost got bubbly. If Lipstick Rose is a warm red scent, like a shining red umbrella in the rain, FRaaagola saalaaata is more of a creamy, saturated pink kind of fragrance.

It is girly in that cute and lively way that you sometime wished you could be. It makes me think about Sophia Coppola´s movie Marie Antoinette, pink shoes, pink cakes, fans, silk corsets and white powdered whigs. It also make me think about the old hit from the 80'ies, "Girl´s just wanna have fun". It make me feel half as old as I am, and enjoying in! And that´s quite an achivement, since I most of the time really enjoying my somewhat more mature age.

Even tough FRaaagola saalaaata is girly, pink, happy and funny I don´t see that women 30 or 35+ should avoid it, no in some strange way it´s just gorgeus on women not that young. But of course I have had to rescue my little sample from the daughters, they enjoy it very much.

For some reason it become totally different on my daughters than on me. On the daughters the topnote is a strong burst of violet, similar to Lipstick Rose, but much stronger. The violet notes stays for a while, with strawberries joining in, and after a while there is fresh, ripe strawberries all over until the drydown wich is more like softer, a little powdery strawberries. But, if you´re looking for a complicated scent experience I think you better look some where else.

On me there isn´t any violet at all. No there is fresh strawberries and something that could be a sweet desert wine. The strawberries and wine are soon joined by notes creamy notes. Like strawberries and creams and a little vanilla. I don´t recognise any salt tough, but maybe the salt after all make this perfume not to sweet. All the time it is more like fresh strawberries than strawberry jam.

And no, FRaaagola saalaaata isn´t a complex perfume on me neither. But, who cares? It´s so mood lifting, happy and filled with joy. I also think this is a scent possible to wear all year round.

FRaaagola saalaaata is pretty longlasting and has nice sillage. It´s a nice comfy scent, but also quite unique. A lof of perfumes whit notes of strawberries can make little cheap expression, Hilde Solani´s FRaaagola saalaaata doesn´t.

Pic: From Sophia Coppolas movie Marie-Antoinette

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