måndag 2 november 2009

Nicolas Danila - Asian Gardens

Surprisingly, Asian Gardens become one of my favourites among the Aladin Gardens perfumes. Surprisingly, since it´s a green, aquatic and very light perfume. Not a cathegory where I usually find favourites. It´s not really the right season for this kind of perfume, with cool notes of mint among the notes. Still, Asian Gardens manage to captivate me, maybe most of the seven perfumes from Aladin Gardens.

Asian Gardens is a calming perfume, close to meditative. That an east asian garden has been the source of inspiration for this perfume isn´t surprising at all, since it make me think of the sound of the wind trough the bamboo leafs, the raked pebbles of a zen garden, a pond bright as a mirror with gold fish in it, shortly speaking, peace, quiet and tranquility.

With notes of bamboo and mint, Asian Gardens become like cool, green and pure water. The scent itself is delicatly thin, actually so thin it´s hard for me to associate to anything else than air and water. The mint note gives a impression of cool air, than the actual smell of mint. All the notes in Asian Gardens are toned down, on the border to scentless, without being scentless. It could be a mineral water with the most delicat flavour of mint and bamboo. And, yes Asian Gardens has the slightest notes of minerals as well.

During the whole cycle of Asian Gardens, the scent doesn´t change or evolve so much, it stays cool, pure, aquatic and airy for many hours. But it´s also really longlasting, I dabbed it on yesterday evening, and still this morning I could still could feel it lingering around, but now with some warm and soft floral notes as well.

Asian Gardens is a really delicate perfume, beautiful and refreshing, adorable and transparent on the border to invisible. Outmost refined. Calming and sothing. Like having a private and secret Asian retreat, where you can hide from every day hardships for a while.

As I said, it lasts and lasts, wich is an art with so light notes. The sillage is discrete, but not really skin scent. Asian gardens is probably more of a summer scent, but I think it work as an indoor scent this time of year, even tough I don´t want to put it on before a walk in the forest. I do recommend it to everybody that are curious about a beautiful and pure aquatic perfume with meditative calmness.

Pic: David lee, Koi and bamboo

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