måndag 16 november 2009

Nasomatto - Absinth

Probably I have mentioned absinthe on the blog before. And no, caring readers don´t have to worry about me. I don´t drink much alcohol and particulary not asbinthe. Even tough I "only" drink asbinthe about once a year, I would really like to own an absinthe fountain. Wouldn´t it look great next to our water pipe? And probably, being used as little.

There is something decadent about abisnthe, I know it´s a cult beverage among goths-artists and other alternative people. To me, it´s the ritual while drinking absinthe that I find most interesting. Nowadays it´s quite common to put a burning sugarcube (drenched in absinthe) in the glass and pour water in it until the fire stop. But historically, it was common to put a sugarcube on an openwork spoon and drip water on it and down in the absinthe glass. I don´t want to waste alcohol by burning it, so I prefer the later way of preparing absinthe.

Some perfumes are soft and comfy, others are sexy and there is some that crave attention. Nasomatto´s perfumes are (at least the one´s I´ve tried) somewhat spell binding, despite that i don´t really like them, they have a way to haunt me. China White for example is one of the "worst" scented experiences I´ve gone trough, and I swapped my little sample rather fast. But, still I am thinking about it and kind of belive that I would get it, if I only could try it again.

Black Afgano is really a nicer acquaintance, but still so potent and offensive I hestitate to wear it. Black Afgano disturbs, and touches and making a lot of noise while wearing it, and some of it is really comfy but some of it isn´t at all.

Compared to those Absinth is a quite subdued, but still very unique scent experience. Like other scents from Nasomatto, Absinth isn´t that flattering or nice, this is real absinthe with skyhigh thujon content (thujon is the neurotoxin that can be found in some absinthe and in large doses causing hallucinations and even nerve damage). At the same time I think Absinth is much softer than the other onés I´ve tried from Nasomatto. There is something comfy, laid back and vauge pleasantly about Absinth. If you want to try Nasomatto, I think Absinth could be agreat starting point.

The briskness in Absinth is on the border to spritzy, wich is suitable together with the liqour absinthe of course. There is almost like some kind of bubbly reaction between my skin and Absinth. This besque and bitter phase never become to bitter on me, and that´s nice since I have a tendency to make bitter notes even more bitter. In the bitter I also smell little hints of something sweet... The sweetness is extremly volatile, but make Absinth never to harsh or difficult to wear. It´s an interesting kind of sweetness.

Well, despite the fact that I don´t seem to get along 100% with Nasomatto´s perfumes i am still curious about their other perfumes. Yes, they are very expensive, but also worth the money if you´re looking for unique scent experiences, a 30 ml bottle of Nasomatto perfume extract will last for at least as long time as most perfumes in a 50 ml bottle.

I once read a book where one of the main characters said something like "Most nice people aren´t that interesting and most interesting people aren´t that nice" and I think that is a good way to describe Nasomatto´s perfumes.

The sillage of Absinth is much closer to skin than the others I´ve tried from nasomatto, but the longvity is great, Absinth last for at least 12 hours on my skin.

Pic: absintheonthenet

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  1. I've been circling Nasomatto's perfumes for a few weeks, but haven't gotten up the courage. I like "Most nice people aren't that interesting...." Tends to be true. I think I sensed these scents might be difficult.

    However, your description gives me one more reason to try!


  2. I do recommend you to try some from Nasomatto, but as you already guessed they´re kind of difficult and that kind of perfumes that ends up wearing you instead of the other way around. But that can be nice now and then.

  3. I luv the absinthe fountain set! It is a very beautiful and practical piece of artwork.