lördag 7 november 2009

Better safe than sorry.

I´ve got a lot of perfume samples. The last time I counted them they where about 300! At least that are many to me, and I guess a lot of perfumistas have many more samples than I do.

When receiving new perfume samples of course I test them. Some of them am I so curious about that I try them at once they´ve arrive. Others I try after a coupple of days, while some of the samples can be untested for quite a long time. It´s not possible to be as curious about all the perfumes. But some of the samples that haven´t been tested at once become happy surprises when I finally try them.

Quite often the most longed for samples become dissapointments. Maybe, because I had such high expectations.

Some perfumes takes me with storm at the first sniff. Half an hour later I know this is a scent I need more of. Maybe I try to get a bigger decant of it while I still got something left in the sample. This is perfumes that make me sit with my nose attached to the wrist. On a scale between 1-5, this is of course straight up fives!

Other perfumes takes some time for me to realise how much I like them, and that I don´t want to live without them. Maybe, perfumes in this cathegory smells a little less me. Anyway this is still really, really good perfumes. About steady five or strong four.

Then we come to all the perfumes i try that isn´t really that good. They are usually very nice, fine and good smelling perfumes. Maybe I think they´re a little to expensive. Or not so longlasting. Or I think I will not use them so often. Or maybe someone in my family don´t like them at all. This perfumes are weak fours or strong threes.

Anything worse than that is perfumes that I easily forget about. They usually smells really good, but there is something vague about them and a similarity to lots of others perfumes in this cathegory. Yes, three.

The perfume I forget about while I still wearing them are about grade two.

Then there is the kind of perfumes smelling fishy on me. Like they are created for someone with a totally different sense of smell or skin chemistry. Grade one.

In an own cathegory I would place the perfumes that gives me a great olfactory experience, but that don´t smell really like a perfume to me. There is something about them that make them more like apice of olfactory art than perfume. I know art is discussed when it comes to perfumes. I think it´s a complicated issue, so this are my own labels, that works for me and maybe no one else. Anyhway, for perfumes in this cathegory, a little sample can last a lifetime.

Yesterday I used a coupple of drops of Profumum Roma´s Dulcis in Fundo. Doing that made me realise that there only was about two drops left in my little sample. I´ve had the sample about 1½ year and it was only half full when i´ve got it, so that 0,5 ml has lasted quite good. I´ve consider Dulcis in Fundo as too expensive, but now with only one use left I realise I don´t want to be without it! Not often I use it, but perfcet this time of year. And when I am longing for Dulcis in Fundo nothing else comes even close!

L'Artisan´s Bois Farine is also like that. Not so longlasting on me, but when I feel like wearing Bois Farine, nothing else will do. There isn´t ANYTHING even reminding of it.

Ego Facto´s Poopoo Pidoo is another and Florascent´s Umami. Calé Fragranze D'Autores Tepidarium and Lostmarsch´s Lann-Ael. Ormonde Jayne´s Ormonde Women, Ava
Luxes Silk (Soie) that I don´t even like all the time. Honore des pres Sexy Angelic that smell as little as a newborn baby and well, I am sure there will be alot of others when the samples are about to run out.

This perfumes has a thing in common. They´re not spot on "me". But they´ve all got something unique that I not have been able to find in any other perfume. Still, it´s nice to know that a 5 ml decant of Dulcis in Fundo would probably last about ten years, wich makes it not such a expensive investment after all.

Wich perfumes have you surprisingly discovered that you won´t manage without, even tough they aren´t really "you"? Do you have any tips on those kind of unique perfumes that cant be replaces with anything else?

Pic: Mu own perfume bureu.

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