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Nicolas Danila - Aladin Gardens

It´s hard to know where to start when it comes to Nicolas Danila´s perfume line Aladin Gardens. All the seven perfumes in the line are 100% allergen-free. Appearantly they´ve used some kind of modern technology to get rid of the allergens from some raw material. I have no idea how to do that, but I guess it´s a really good thing if it works. Those of you that knows more about the upcoming prohibition of some notes used in perfumes as citrus oil and mosses maybe knows more about this subject than I do?

Aladin Gardens consist of seven different perfumes (EdP), Aboriginal Gardens, Amazonian Gardens, Asian Gardens, Polynesian Gardens, Amerindian Gardens and European Gardens. The bottles are in rainbow colours, each bottle looks beautiful on it´s own, but together they must make a gorgeus impression. I imagining the sun reflects trough the glass of the bottles even tough I know that direct sun is the last thing to be close to perfumes.

The perfumes will be produced in 7000 bottles. All the perfumes (except of one) in the line are cherful, bright and easy to wear. They would be perfect on women in all ages, pretty and sweet on girls in my youngest daughters age (12 year), beautiful and feminine on a little older women and vibrant and youthful on more mature women. I am sure Nicolas Danila´s perfumes would please a global audience, wich is appropriate since the line have a global theme.

I do like the bottles, and I also find the story and philosophy behind the line interesting, but do I like the perfumes?

As a perfume nerd, it isn´t how beautiful a bottle is that is the most important, it´s the perfume inside. The sam goes for the story behind each perfume, no matter how interesting, pretty or adventurous, still it´s the smell of the perfume that matters.

When going trough the notes of each perfume i find some of them more interesting and some of them sounded nice, but honestly, a bit boring. My impression before trying them, was that they sure was pretty and nice, but maybe not pretty, nice and interesting.

Was I wrong or right?

Actually, both. Three of the perfumes (Aboriginal Gardens, Amerindian Gardens, Polynesian Gardens) was nice, but didn´t do anything for me. Did they smell good? Oh, yes. Do they last? Nothing to complain about there. Worth to remember? No, not really.

European Gardens has a note of anise. And it isn´t that commonly used anise that smell like anise-licorice, no it´s the kind of anise used in bread. My dear grand mother used to bake a kind of deep fried anise bread. European Gardens smell that kind of anise, and with the scent of freshly (or actually, halfbaked) bread. Despite it´s orginality I don´t feel this is a perfume for me, but I do recommend it to anyone looking for an unique anise scent with bakery notes as well. Oh, and it´s really strong in the beginning and long-lasting.

Aboriginal Gardens have a dark grey bottle, but if I could chose, Amazonian gardens would have that bottle instead. I am really curious about how they´ve decided wich perfume to put in wich bottle?

Amazonian Gardens is, in my opinion, the one in the line that doesn´t really fit among the others. All the other perfumes in the line is quite sodt, bright and easy to wear, but Amazonian Gardens is anything but that. This is massive perfume darkness, in fact the most interesting of them all, but also really (REALLY!) hard to wear, at least on me, that have -as usual- troubble with moss in perfumes. This is moss over dose, but together with a very interesting note of Yerba maté-tea. Something in this scent is extremly attractive, but at the same time almost as extremly repellant. I can´t really figure out how something with such a strong smell of moss can be allergen-free. This is also the only perfume in the line that can be difficult in a global point of view. I can imagine for instant a japanese women that usually like soft, fruity, floral perfumes can be frightened to death by Amazonian Gardens! Beware! Maybe I will write a better review of it, if I dare to try it once agaian. Anyway, Amazonian Garden is a must try for anyone looking for unique, hardcore perfumes.

You realise there is two perfumes left from Aladin Gardens. Yes, Arabian Gardens and Asian Gardens, the two in the line I like the most.

Until I wrote about them, here´s a link to Nicolas Danila´s perfumes. http://www.nicolasdanila.com/

Pic: rainbow-ocean-by-thelma

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