lördag 21 november 2009

D.S and Durga - Cowboy Grass

If Cowgirl Grass is the fresh, juicy aspects of grass, Cowboy Grass is the dry. Dry grass is hay, but it becomes so much more than hay in Cowboy Grass. Dried herbs, leather and dirt and some tar.

I find Cowboy Grass to be a distant relative to Tauer´s Lonestar memories, but easier to wear and like. D.S & Durga´s Cowboy Grass is a light masculine scent of an endless prairie with dry grass and other aromatic prairie weeds. Cowboy Grass is grass that dry that it´s crush when you rub it between your fingers and leave traces of a warm, comfy scent.

Even tough Cowgirld Grass has a richness in scent, Cowboy Grass is even richer, and also more complex without being hard to wear. Cowboy Grass make me feel both adventourus and calm at the same time. It´s atranquile scent, almost monotone, like travelling trough a vaste landscape that doesn´t change so mych. At least not on the syrface, like watching it from a car/train windor or by horse. But if you walk the same way, you will notice every little change.

The warm, aromatic scent of Cowboy Grass seem to have a little better lasting power than Cowgirl Grass on me, now when I try both of them side by side, the arm with Cowboy Grass is dominating after about 2 hours.

My husband has also tried Cowboy Grass, but on him, it stands in the shadow of Tauer´s Lonetstar Memories, but on the other hand he seem to have found a new favourite among D.S & Durga´s scents, Beartrapper.

Pic: David Koslowski, flickr

3 kommentarer:

  1. The way you describe it, I think I would like Cowboy Grass even more, myself... It's funny you talk about eating grass. I like to, but then, as soon as I do, I stop. My dog can't seem to get enough, though! Sometimes, I think he's a little furry cow!

    I have never heard of the D.S. and Durga line, except from you, and never heard of "Lonestar Memories" before yesterday either, but I feel as though the planets are aligning, and I must go out and find these things...

    P.S. I feel I must share: The squiggly word I must type in to post this comment that proves I'm not a computer? "Bless."

  2. Our dog also eats grass, it´s like she don´t really like it but have to do it anyway. :)

    If Clint Eastwood from his spagetti-western time would be a perfume, he would be Lonestar Memories, please try it, but it´s really, really strong.


  3. I have "Lonestar Memories" on order: I am duly warned.

    Those titles from the Durga line, however, it looks like I have to wait until either I or the nice ladies over at theprfumedcourt.com take another trip to Europe. Sad!