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D.S and Durga - Beartrapper

Already the ancient greeks tried to humanise the animals. In Aesop´s (620 b.C-560 b.C) fables we can read moralizing stories with animals in the main characters. Animals are also main characters in some of the most loved fairytales as H.C Andersen´s "The ugly duckling" and some of the Grimm Brothers stoires as well. And we shouldn´t even mention Walt Disney and all the animals in his cartoons and moivies. Some other well knowned animlas we can find in C.S Lewis and his books about Narnia.

Yes,yes, yes I have probably mentioned Narnia before, but those books was really my biggest favourites during a part of my childhood. The sieblings that becomes kings and queens, the great lion Aslan, the mouse Rippipip, the faun Mr Tumnus, the horses, the donkey Pussel and Mr and Mrs Beaver with their cozy little beaver hut.

When trying the perfumes from D.S & Durga, Rosa Americana is the one capturing my attention at first, it´s beautiful and unique at onve. Cowboy Grass and Cowgirl Grass are free spirited scents with a lot of waste land, herbs and grasses in it. Beartrapper is a little more diffcult to come close. Even though I am wearing other perfumes in between, it stays in the back of my head and kind of gnawls! Beartrapper is reminding me of something, but still it is totally strange..

Beartrapper is marketed towards men, yes, it´s quite masculine, but I can´t stay away from it. Beartrapper is presented as originally being an old alchemy recepie used to trap bears. And, yes that says a lot about the scents character.

Beartrapper is jagged, strong, smokey, animalic, pungent, lingering and oh so homy. Yes, there is something really cozy and familiar about it.

All homes have thier own very special smell, home smell like home. When visiting your parents it´s also smell like home, but home a long time ago. Your closest friends and relatives homes also smell familiar and nice, but not really as home.

Beartrapper also smells like someones home... but who... where... no, I can´t really get it! But after thinking about it a coupple of days the coin drops. Ooooooh, it smells like it could have smelled at the Beavers hut in Narnia! If you just know how I imagine how it would be like to visting human-like animals in their homes when I was reading Narnia! Everything at the beavers home (and Mr Tumnus home as well) looks so homy, cozy and familiar but still with thing typical for beavers and fauns.

No, I can´t get enough of Beartrapper. It smells like being at a dear friends home, a dear friend that happens to be an animal. (Sorry for this, but I can´t really help where my association takes me!)

There is a fire crackling in the fireside, the smell of old well used wooden furniture, oiled leather, the dinner is soon to be ready, a stew with strange spices and herbs. The room is dimly lit, with the light from the fire and some oil lamps burning. It is murky, aromatic and so totally homy at the same time!

Yes, among the scents from D.S & Durga, Beartrapper manage to win my heart the most. It´s wonderful as a perfume, but imagine it... like a room scent or a scented candle. I would be first in line to buy it!

Beartrapper have a little more potent sillage, but it´s last about as long as the others from D.S & Durga, decent, but not that long. On the other hand, I don´t need to go around and smell like the beavers hut for such a long time. Oh, and Beartrapper is also my husbands favourite from D.S & Durga, so the precious drops in the little sample is down to half!

Pic: From Narnia, Beavers hut

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