tisdag 5 oktober 2010

Christian Dior - Poison

Now my parents have returned home to Boden. It has been a really nice week with good food and birthday parties, the dog turned two and my oldest daughter is turning 30. I´ll talk about having children almost as old as I am some other time...

As usual when I have a little break from writing I can´t wait to start writing again. Some time now I have tought about presenting and reviewing Christian Dior´s different Poison-fragrances and now it´s time for that. Hypnotic Poison is allready done:

I´ll start with original Poison and then I´ll write about Midnight Poison and Pure Poison as well, unfortunatly I haven´t get hold on any Tendre Poison. One of my blog readers wished that I would write more about "common" frags, and to that cathegory I count the Poison-scents.

Poison has been around a while, since 1985 actually, but I don´t have any old history with it. When it was launched I wasn´t that interested in perfumes and was contempt with my Opium. A littel later my brothers girlfriend had it, and I thought it smelled wonderful on her, but I wasn´t curious about it for myself, since I belived I only could wear oriental scents. I know better now, thankfully...

Anyway, now I do like Poison. Some readers may say that OK, then there is another tuberose scent that I like, but Poison isn´t that much about tuberose on me. It is blended so it become a wonderful, warm floral with elements of something berry, but also spicy and woody on my skin. These notes together smells like some kind of drink to me. A magic potion, an elixsir, an exciting bottle with strange contents that´s waiting to be drinken. Exactly like Alice above, I´m far to curious for my own good sometimes. I would of course also drink from a bottle with a sign on it "Drink Me", what if the result was that I become extremly tall or small or pink with green dots, if it smelled so good as Posion I would easily drink it anyway. Oh, and how exciting to wait and see the result...

For some reason I belive that Poison smells like apple juice. Some magic kind of apple juice, maybe if the evil stepmother in Snowwhite would offer Snowwhite juice instead of an apple, the juice would smell like this...

Yes, Poison takes me to fairytale land, it´s unbeatable if you want to escape the grey october feeling for some hours. Even though it is 25 years old I think it is modern, but also timeless, people in any age could wear this. It might work on men to, anyone out there that have tried it?

My Poison is in esprit de parfum in a small minibottle, so it can be quite different from edt or edp in spray. It has good, but not killer sillage and nice lasting power, about 7-8 hours.

Which is your fave among the Poisons? For a scent with so many flankers, I belive the flankers are quite good, at least the one´s I´ve tried.

Don´t miss some more Poison´s, and also some family drama, astrology and eventually some 100% natuarl scents. Both well knowned and others not so well knowned brands will show up...

Pic: Alice in Wonderland

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  1. I liked Pure Poison, althoughed I haven't smelled it in a while. I think it's a jasmine. I should try that again. Thanks!

  2. kjanicki: Pure Poison is pure bliss, very nice. :)