söndag 10 oktober 2010

Christian Dior - Pure Poison

Before trying Dior´s Pure Poison I had some prejudice about it. I suspected that it was going to be a dissapointment, a member in the Poison-family created to satisfy the people looking for clean, pure and fresh scents. With other words, I thought I was going to get a Poison-member without any edge, depth or excitement.

Then of course, it is so much fun that my bad expectations wasn´t fullfilled. Oh well, Pure Poison is clean and clear, but in a intense, shining and utterly adorable way. In one way it reminds a little about Thierry Mugler´s Alien, with the same radiance, but softer and powdery.

Pure Poison is more quiet and even a little shy compared to the other Poison-varieties. Still it manages to make it´s way to the top position among the Poison´s for me, and that during a very short time also. To me, it´s easier top wear then the others, but still very concrete and with a great personality.

Despite it´s soft personlity there is also a dash of "poison" in it, there is a note hidden among the pale flower petals with a little tart note. It could be the smell of a delicate, sheer and deadly poisonous flower. As in several of the other Poison-scents, there is a feeling of deadly beauty in Pure Poison.

I´ve always pictured Hypnotic Poison as a white scent, the scent of powdery white poison, razor sharp paper, ice crystals, and the inner of a red apple or a bitter almond. Pure Poison is also a white scent, but the most fragile white, like almost transcluent petals on a small white flower with soft pink edges, the palest skin, the lightest blond hair and little beautiful poison mushrooms with pink gills.

Pure Poison, like the rest of the bunch, has good longvity, but the sillage is a little more discrete, especially during drydown with a delisious powdery note.

When I compared different Alien and Angel varieties by Mugler I also scaled them

Here comes a scale for the different Poison´s

Hypnotic Poison (former fave) 6 of 10, but a 10 when I´m in the mood for it
Midnight Poison 7 of 10
Pure Poison 8 of 10
Poison 8 of 10

This isn´t a scale to take too serious, probably I´ll have a different view in a year or two.

And, someone MUST have tried Tendre Poison? How is it???

Pic: flickr.com

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