onsdag 27 oktober 2010

Some autumn favorites 2010

While the wind is amusing itself by blowing all the leaves from the trees and the rain is amusing itself by turning the same leaves to a brownish gunk I amuse myself by thinking about what fragarnces I´ve used most during this autumn (september-october that is).

Autumn is a perfect season for perfumes, maybe the only time of year when I don´t think about or longing for the perfumes I will wear next season. Then I don´t care about seasons and scents at all some days, it´s a question about mood.

It feels like a lot of things have happened since last autumn. I have "discovered" oakmoss and suddenly that note is in a lot of my favorite scents. Even scents with quite prominent oakmoss character! Safron, milky notes and a lot more perfumes with floral notes then last autumn is also among them.

Most of them all I think I´ve used Costume Nationals 21, I´ve got a big spray sample but it´s almost empty now and are waiting for a decant, which I hope arrive any day now! Anyway, I´ll need a big bottle of this eventually.

Super expensive and super wonderful Cuir Beluga has also been of much use, my little decant have not much left. Tonka Imperiale that I bought at the same time haven´t been used at all as much. I msut have more of Cuir Beluga, it´s worth every cent!

All different Poison-varietys have been used a lot (most maybe Pure Poison, but not so much Hypnotic Poison) My stash of Pure Poison was enhanced this week also!

And my vintage Zibeline, what a hit! This is pure comfort and also both elegant and classic, pure bliss.

I´ve also used La Sirena from Carthusia almost of the same reason as Zibeline, warm, comfy and very rich smelling.

My birtday present Shiloh has been of much use as well, not so much a comfort scent as a pick me up scent, perfect to use in the morning when it´s dark and gloomy outside. The basenote in this is to die for. I wonder if oakmoss is addictive?

24 Faubourg from Hermes is something I discovered just recently even though I have had it for a long while, now it has clicked.

Serge Lutens Un bois vanille and Muscs Koublai Khan I have used a lot also and as usual Frederic Malles Carnal Flower.

I´ve jts got a wished for sample of Paul & Joe´s Blanc and it seem promising. I also can´t stop using Andrea Maacks Sharp and now they are available at COW in Stockholm, I have to go there and watch them the next time I´m in Stockholm (which will be next weekend hopefully!).

I haven´t used L'Artisan´s Nuit de Tubereuse SO much, but I´ve thought about it a lot. Some L'Artisan scents seem to behave this way, I don´t think that I like them SO much, but still I can´t stop thinking about them. I know Nuit de Tubereuse becoming a little masculine on me, but hey, I don´t think I give a damn about it any more!

perfumes I used a lot last autumn, but not this: Borneo 1834, Le Labo Labdanum 18 and By Kilian´s Back to Black.

What have you been wearing this autumn? New faves? Old darlings? If you would recommend only one perfect autumn scent, which would it be?

Pic: Winter trees without leaves, layoutsparks.com

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