lördag 31 oktober 2009

Christian Dior - Hypnotic Poison

When i wrote about Organza Indecence I realised that I haven´t wrote about Dior´s Hypnotic Poison, even tough it´s a perfume I like, or at least like when I am in the mood for it.

The red bottle remind of a red apple, and from that there isn´t such a big step to start thinking of Snowwhite and the poisonous apple from her evil stepmother. Stepmothers, evil or not, is a difficult subject. Do you know of any stepmother that call herself a stepmother without any difficulties? In Sweden, we have come up with several words to use instead of stepmother, such as bonus-mum and plastic-mum. Bonus-mum is ok I guess, but is really plastic-mum so much better than step-mum?

Since I´ve been mother to my husbands -now- grown up daughter for 23 years I think I´ve deserve to be just her mum, and of course she is my daughter and her little, pretty son is my grand son.

Well, this haven´t got so much to do with the smell of Hypnotic Poison. If I´ve been an american I guess I would say that it smells like root beer. But I haven´t drink so much root beer, so i don´t really get those associations. To me, Hypnotic Poison smells almond, vanilla, bitter almond and a little cherry. Yes, it could very well be the smell of an under cover and fast killing poison. That kind of poison hard to not taste, because it smells so good.

Hypnotic Poison is a really strong perfume, the kind of perfume you spray out in a cloud and walk trough... really fast. Just like Organza Indecence I think of Hypnotic Poison as a party perfume. Preferable with ruby red lipstick and an ivory full length dress. Anyway, it´s not often I get the opportunity to go to that kind of parties. So I can wear Hypnotic Poison when I am at home cleaning or out in the forest with the dog. A small spray of Hypnotic Posion in the evening will last until next morning. But then all that is left is a lingering, soft scent of vanilla. Otherwise Hypnotic Poison is a quite linear scent.

I haven´t forget about my blog, but this week I have mainly amuse myself with autumn break together with husband, kids and dog. We visited Norrköping, where I manage to spend almost all my money on Lush. How come the sales persons on every Lush store is such great sellers? I always end up leaving Lush with things I didn´t at all know I needed.

Apart from that I have cher myself, and my family, up with bleaching my almost blackish brown hair. First it got orange yellor, then I belached it agian and it become more of yellow. Then I dyed it with a dark honey blond nuance. So now my hair is the colour of autumn leaves. It looks quite interesting. I guess it will brighten up the winter really good.

Wich of the Poison varieties do you like the best?

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2 kommentarer:

  1. hypnotic poison is a perfume that suits a few people i think.i get almonds, milk and vanilla wearing it.
    in a way,it reminds me of dorothy ruby slippers.
    i only like hypnotic poison and the original one, although i only wear it in eighties themed parties!

  2. Cherryfairy: Hypnotic poison is so large and noisy. I only wear it when I´m in the right mood for it, otherwise it´s kind of to much... The original Poison I haven´t tested for years, I didn´t like it so much back then.