måndag 18 oktober 2010

L'Artisan Parfumeur - Vanilia

When I was looking for pics with mothers and daughters looking like sisters, Madonna and her daughter Lourdes was a common hit. Sorry, but I can´t see that. In which way should they look like sisters? Firstly, they are´nt that similar looking, especially not since Madonna started to inject pig fat or whatever in her face. And, Madonna does look quite much older then her daughter, which of course is totally natural since she was about 40 when Lourdes was born. And yes, how many sisters do you know of that are 40 years apart? Anyone? I know Madonna is (was) a beautiful women, but she can be happy that I didn´t wrote that I think that she looks like Lourdes grandmother, oh well now I wrote that anyway.

This must really be a longshot, what has this with perfume to do? It isn´t that weird really (not for me at least). I´ve got a bottle of L'Artsian´s Vanilia, one of the oldest members of L'Artisan family. Vanilia was born 1978, and therefor has deserved to be called a classic. Last year another vanilla scent was born in L'Artsian famile, namely Havana Vanille. It´s said that Vanilia is done and will be replaced by Havana Vanille, but at least at COW in Stockholm, the two of them are sold side by side (anyone know about this, please tell me).

When I first tried Vanilia I was surprised by the similarity between it and Havana Vanille. This is where I start thinking about mothers and daughters, they are after all about 30 years apart. But they really are mother and daughter that could be sisters.

The rivalty between them must be a family problem. Will old faithful Vanilia have to leave the spotlight totally now when young, trendy Havana Vanille has make her entrance? Is the classic beauty of Vanila replaced by Havana Vanilles more youthful look? Does really Vanilla still work?

I say that Vanilia is a typical L'Artisan, light, sher but still interesting. Vanilia is also among the L'Artisan scents that have decent lasting power on me (about 4-5 hours). When I was trying Havana Vanille alst year in a beautiful snow fall I come to think about the scent of snow flakes falling and slowly melting on my tounge. This feeling I´ve got from Vanilia also, but it isn´t snowflakes but bright colored beautiful tropical flowers slowly raining from the sky. Somewhere in the outskirts of my attention a fire is burning letting of a soft smoky scent. The vanilla in Vanilia is kind of slippery, elusive and not very sweet.

I think Vanilia is still working, even though Havana Vanille feels a little more modern. The presence of vanilia is also stronger on me then Havana Vanille. Vanilia has a steadily present vanilla base, while the other notes showing from time to time (flowers, smoke nd in the base some woody notes). On me, Havana Vanille don´t have that kind of base, but is for long times very quiet and then eventually sends of a quiet little whiff...

Still, that little whiff I prefer in front of Vanilias a little monotone floralvanilla. But anyway, Vanilia is a really nice vanilla, easy to use for people prefering a non-foody vanilla. The sillage is also quite nice, something Havana Vanille can´t really brag about.

Do you have a weak spot for vanillas maybe you should invest in abottle of Vanilia before it´s to late and they´re start selling them at Ebay for 150 €.

As long as I have Vanilia I don´t need Havana Vanilla at least.

Soon I´ll be writing about some 100% natural scents and also talking a little about thinking "outside the box" or maybe even "inside the box"...

Pic: Madonna with her daughter Lourdes, x17online.com

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