söndag 17 oktober 2010

About our perfume meeting.

Yesterday we had a perfume meeting again. We´re starting to be like a little gang, even though some that was on the last meeting couldn´t come to this one, but on the other hand some new gang members showed up this time.

It seem like most of us want´s to continue having this meeting a coupple of times per year. And I can assure you that we are a happy, mixed and easy going gang that meet during very relaxed circumstances.

Yesterday we squeezes in some hours of sniffing and testing at NK and at COW, and also we was invited to one of the participant´s for some coffee and a guided sightseeing at her impressive perfume collection.

Unfortunatly it´s a little difficult to manage everything we like to do on only a few hours. A suggestion about a perfume camp was mentioned, really cool, even though I think it´s kind of hard to have it for real. At least I think all of us could easily have different kinds of perfume activities for a week without getting bored, but maybe with a very exhausted olfactory sense.

There are some different suggestions on what to do on our next meeting.

Oh well, did I find any new favorites? Yeah, Byredo´s new M/Mink is really different and interesting, but of course needs some testing on it´s own before I can write a review. I also tried Bond No 9`s Success is a job in New York agaian, and it´s growing on me. Creed´s Love in Black was also promising. I also tried a lot of other scents.

Honestly, I can hardly wait for the next meeting.

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