onsdag 13 oktober 2010

CnR Create - Star Sign Perfumes

As a perfume writer I have some contact with perfumers, perfume producers and press-people at different perfume houses. In common for those I´ve got good contact with is their entusiasm, kindness and joy. There isn´t any doubt about that this is people really burning for their company, fragrances and other people sharing their interests.

Often it´s easiest to have contact with people in small and/or new perfume companies. Of course for them it is really valuable to get mentioned on a blog, while the big one´s in the branch get their new releases mentioned on each and every perfume blog.

Robert Boehm and his co-worker Canisa is both that kind of friendly people burning for their company and for both perfumes and astrology. I have written about their brand before, but now they got something new to present, namely astrological perfumes for men.

I think it´s amazing to have two big interests and manage to combine them. The connection between astrology and perfumes are´nt that rare, but often we find it made by indie-perfumers in 5 ml bottles of perfume oil of different quality and sold on Etsy (and likes). Robert and his co-workers has chose a different path, they have fokused on high quality both when it comes to the actual scents and how the bottles and boxes are presented.

As an astrologist, Robert has ideas about how a fragrance for a certain star sign should be built up, but the actual perfume is created in Grasse by a trained perfumer. So the scents are made with fine ingrediences and a lot of skills, but however, not maybe that edgy or groundbreaking.

After all, astrology scents is a small niche. I think mostly people allready interested in astrology become interested in these kind of fragrances, but also, there is quite a lot of people with at least a common interest in astrology. Scents for different star sign is also a perfect gift or Christmas present, easy to chose, but still personal. For perfume lovers it might not be so obvious to turn to this kind of scents. We like to test "all" the scents and maybe we become a little confused when we realise that we like the scent supposed to match male capricorns when we are female virgos...

Still, when I evaluated the different scents for females, I was surprised by their quality and I really, really like the scent made for virgo (which is my star sign).

Now I´m testing the different scents for men and they´re all very well made and maybe even a little more interesting and edgy then the one´s for women. I´ve allready got two personal faves, one that is so nice on my husband, and one that I like very much for myself.

I will present the different scents soon and by the way, what is your star sign?

Pic: astrology homepage

3 kommentarer:

  1. This sounds really interesting.
    I'm an Aquarius, I wonder what that one smells like...

  2. Ines: Aquarius for female have notes of: Lemongrass, immortelle, lily of the valley, passion fruit and thyme.

  3. Being a big fan of fragrances I always like to smell and try out new ones of course by doing this I always go back to the ones that I LOVE. Keep posting!