torsdag 14 oktober 2010

Star Sign perfumes - Capricorn (male version)

I have write this several times before, when I´m trying about ten different scents, it doesn´t really matters how good the brand is, usually I tend to really like one or two scents out of ten the best. And when I try Star Sign Perfumes (for men) there is one fragrances that manage to capture my interest at once, namely Capricorn (22/12-20/1).

Capricorn is that kind of scent that I would notice among any other ten-twelve scents. Capricorn is unique, but still easy to like and wear for both men (as intended) and women...

Among the other male scents from Star Sign perfumes, most of them are more obvious masculine, so of course this makes capricorn stand out even more. Capricorn has notes of citrus in the opening, followed by rosewood, caramel and patchouli and finnishing of with amber, musk, vanilla and incense. This notes makes a lively, warm and soft oriental scent with gourmand elements.

Capricorn manage to be creamy, sweet, woody and with a lingering smoky note in the background. A man that got this scent as agift should be more the contempt, maybe with exception of men with really conservative taste that prefer more traditionally masculine fragrances.

On me, Capricorn become a quite sweet scent, really gourmand, with some elements of incense and the amber is really nice with my skin chemistry making the scent glowing and filled with life. As this is intended for men I try it on my husband as well, and on him the scent is quite different, it isn´t at all as sweet, and the smoky note is hardly noticeable on him, instead the wood note is more prominent making it dryer and maybe more aromatic, among the animalic notes the musk dominates while the amber is falling behind. Very different then on me, but still Capricorn is a scent that both me and my husband can wear without any problem.

Capricorn is a warm and cozy scent, and I think it´s really fitting since it´s intended for people born in the darkest time of winter (at elast in teh Northern hemisphere). Capricorn is also both sensual and exciting, making it very nice for passion seakers.

I would love to try it on my youngest son, since he is born in capricorn, but he is not at all interested in perfumes... (maybe he´s not even a typical capricorn?)

Lasting power is good, at least 6-8 hours, and sillage is also good. I could recommend Capricorn to all kinds of people, not onlu male capricorns. If you´re looking for a slightly smoky oriental with gouramnd elements, this is a must try! It is really, really good and you get a lot for your money.

Amont he twelve scents intended for men Capricorn is my favorite, which isn´t that strange since it´s quite unisex, but I´ve also found some other really nice one´s that I can imagine myself wearing. I write more about them any day soon...

It´s maybe not that hard figuring out that the drawing I´ll have is about CnR Create, so I think it´s about time for you to learn alittle more about the brand:

Pic: free wallpaper

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  1. SS perfumes may seem to be gaining praise from different people nowadays. This was a very good review of a scent. Does SS perfumes also has discounts like shops online when you buy perfumes online?

  2. My brother has a sign of Capricorn. This must be a perfect scent for him. Will check more info about this. Thanks! :)

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