onsdag 27 oktober 2010

MCMC Fragrances - Hunter

Sometimes I "skip job". Yesterday I planned to write on the blog, but when I waked up I knew that I had to wear Ormonde Jayne´s Ormonde Woman. I couldn´t imagine wearing any other perfume right then. I don´t have any deadline when I blog, but I try to plan my work and have some control when to finnish it. But, from time to time I just have to wear the scents I like the most...

Otherwise I have the last days testing myself through MCMC Fragrances different scents, Noble, Maui, Maine, Hunter, Humanity and Garden. the last two are parts of charity project and a big part of the profit goes back to charity (50% and 100%). A part from that, MCMC Fragrances is a new indie perfume house, situated in Brooklyn, New York.

All the different scents are simple, bright and clean compositions. They manage to feel both old fashioned and eclectic modern at the same time. In comparision to more established perfume houses I find them a little similar to Annick Goutal and I´m sure they could attract about the sam audience.

Among the six scents I´ve tried, Hunter is my biggest fave. With notes of tobacco, vanilla and fir balsam that isn´t perhaps so surprising. When reading about it, it´s suggested to be worn with a flannel shirt and that is 100% true.

Hunter is that kind of soft comfort scent for indoor days in october or november. But it´s also a good companion on autumn forrest walks. Hunter, as the others, are a unisex-scent, and I think it´s really suitable for everyone looking for a not so complicated and cozy scent. With tobacco and vanilla, Hunter could be sweet, heavy and almost cloying, but it isn´t at all. Hunter gets a clear, almost transparent and vibrant pureness thanks to the fir. This feels lika quite an original blend, and in a very adorable way.

During it´s middle phase the tobacco become just a little smokey. The fir goes from fresh to slightly woody and resinious, but the development is very subtle and soft.

If some of Annick Goutal´s scents is like japanese haikus, MCMC Fragrances are more like love letters in the sand, they are evanescent, but honest and devout. In other words, they do have quite short longvity, with exception of Noble (The one least liked by me). Hunter remains on my skin after a few hours, but just suggested, the sillage wears of in some two hours.

To some this is not at all a good thing, while others are looking for discrete scents that are also unique and creative, if that is the case, I recommend all of MCMC Fragrances scents. Hunter is a must try, and Maine (with notes of rose, sage and seaweed) or Maui (ginger, star anise, frangipani and tuberose) are also original and pretty scents.

You can read more about MCMC Fragrances at theur home page


Pic: flickr.com

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