tisdag 19 oktober 2010

What about the boxes?

For most of us perfume lovers the juice is the thing that matters. Some perfumistas don´t acre about the bottles at all, while some only collecting perfumes in purple or see through bottles.

Usually the bottles aren´t that important, but of course, a beautiful bottle is always a plus. Personally I kind of hide the not so good looking bottles or keep them in the back. But, after all, what is looking good and what´s not is a matter of taste.

You can also find perfume bottle collectors, people that don´t care about the scent, at least not that much. They want only the bottles and maybe try to collect everything from a certain brand or period.

Anyway, most people seem to forget about the boxes. Almost all our scents comes in an outer box. And, most boxes are made of cardboard or paper and a lot of them are being throwed away as soon as we have open it. If you after all is saving your box, that´s the one getting worned out first. So old perfume boxes in great shape must be quite rare? Still, I haven´t heard of anyone collecting them...!?

The pic above shows some of my perfume boxes, I keep them, even though I buy and swap a lot of perfumes that comes without box. The boxes is also a part of the wholeness, maybe the bottle is the first thing we noticed, but in most perfume stores the boxes are kept right behind. To come home with a new perfume and gently wrap of the cellophane and carefully open the box gives me a feeling of pure luxury. It´s something very special about a totally new fragrance and a new box. Still, we tend to forget about the boxes almost at once, still perfumes with boxes are more sought after then perfumes without...

When taking a look at the boxes, they can be as nicely designed as the bottles and they do tell us a lot about a´what we can find inside the box. You should hardly find a Serge Lutens kind of bottle in a Lolita lempicka box and the other way around. Maybe I should become the "worlds first" perfume box collector? Even though I´m convinced there must be some of them out there somewhere?

How do you feel about perfume boxes? Do you throw them? Do you save the most appealing/ luxury one´s? Do you keep them all? Maybe you´re one of them only buying perfumes that comes with a box? Maybe you even got a favorite box? Which?

Personally I like almost all kinds of boxes, the variety if a part of the charm I think. And the box tell us as much about the scent as the bottle...

Well, when I´m not thinking about perfume boxes, I´m about testing some scents from a French 100% natural brand, and at least one of them has become a wonderful autumn favorite. More about them soon.

Pic: Some of my perfume boxes

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  1. I save all boxes when I get a boxed perfume. Keep them in a huge box in the attic.
    When I was little I made a "collage"of them :)and displayed them in my room.
    I like when a bottle has its box but it is definately not a dealbreaker

  2. I collect them too and have been slowly putting them in a scrapbook!

  3. Great topic! I toss most of my boxes in a big IKEA zipped storage bag, which lives on the top shelf of a storage closet. I'm mainly keeping them for that day when I may want to give them away or sell the perfume. I don't really have much interest in boxes, except for those cool vintage box "presentations." I keep my vintage extrait bottles in those for the extra protection they provide.

  4. If i have box - I keep it till the last drop :) They protect the scent, they look nice :)

  5. I keep them in a big plastic storage bin in my closet, mostly in case I ever need to move all these bottles.

  6. I store all my perfumes in the boxes if I can - keep them in drawers, lying on their back so I can see them. So, I rarely actually "see" the bottles unless I'm going to wear the scent! Why do I keep the boxes? I suppose the whole degradation of perfume from light theory made me keep them. I never place perfume bottles on a dresser or vanity - they're always hidden away...safely cloistered in their boxes!!!

  7. I save the boxes, though I never use them - there are two or three boxes full of boxes upstairs. I keep thinking that I should break them down and recycle them, but I've never yet gotten rid of even one.