måndag 27 september 2010

Perfume meeting in Stockholm 16/10 and some other things.

On Saturday 16th october we´ll have another perfume meeting. I suggest that we meet at NKs perfume department around 12. Any non-swedish speaking that is interested to come can either contact me with a comment or by mail if you want to know more about this.

Later today my parents are coming, and I will not write so much on the blog the coming week.

I also realised that I have had this blog for two years now. Time goes by. I looked at my old bloggings and found a pic on my perfume bureau, and it has happened a lot with my perfume collection since that, and it haven´t get any smaller. Of course other things then my perfume collection also has developed, I can detect more notes now, and different styles and perfumes that are similar to other perfumes. When I started with the blog it felt like I was writing right out in the air, but now it feels like I´m writing to friends, which I do, at least partly. I know there is a lot of people reading and never leaving any comments. Please, stop by and say hello some time.

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