måndag 11 oktober 2010

Seem like my hotmail-account don´t work as it should. If someone want´s to contact me, please use my new e-mail address torebella at gmail dot com

On the Swedish blog I talk about the perfume meeting taking place in Stockholm this coming saturday, if someone english-speaking want´s to join, please leave a comment or contact me. We had som mych fun last time, and I´m really looking forward to it.

This time I´ll be alittle better prepared, I´ll bring a pen so I can write every perfume I try, and
I´m also wondering what clothes I shall chose since bulky sweaters and coats are so much in the way when testing fragrances...

Coming up on the blog is a drawing later this week or in the beginning of next week, I´ll write about some scents for my male readers, and there will be all natural scents ahead also and then -hopefully- I have some news to present all the way from sunny California...

And that family drama will also be reported eventually...

The autumn is here for real now, and it´s high time to start wearing a little stronger and heavier scents. I think about this autumns favorites and wonder which are your autumn faves? Do you have some old one´s that you never get tired on or have you discovered some new autumn lovelies?

My preferences has change quite much during this year, I realise some of last years autumn favorites aren´t that used this year, while some other scents that I didn´t really liked last year are being of use this year.

I´ll tell you more baout my autumn favorites also later on...

Pic: huntadeal.com

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  1. I tried my sample of Neil Morris's October and on a yesterdays warm sunny day it was very nice- smelled of pumpkins and baked apples.
    I think also my old Bella Firenze di Tosca is nice in warm autumn, as well as Halloween.