lördag 9 oktober 2010

Christian Dior - Midnight Poison

When I first tried Dior´s Midnight Poison I didn´t find it that special. I had a mini bottle and when I got it, it was only some tiny drops left. I didn´t think it was anything wrong with it, but I didn´t love it either. I tried it from time to time and it failed to make an impression on me...

Or at least it failed until I put the very last drops on... Suddenly the scent somehow had magically changed, I realised I liked it and a lot. I even tried to squeze out some leftovers from the bottle without any success.

Now I have found another small bottle of Midnight Poison. But, honestly, this one is tricky. Some time when I wear it it smells rosy, a little patcholuli and vanilla, really good but not heavenly good. And some time when I wear it, it smells incredible jummy, rich, warm and deep. This magic happens about every other fourth time I wear it. The scent of rose turns almsot blackish red, the patchouli is deep, dark and magnetic, the vanilla gives a splendid sweetness with some mouthwatering cramel note. It has transformed to something magic, magnetic and sexy and I can´t hardly get my nose from my wrist.

I have other scents behaving this way to, and even if it is a big surprise every time, I would of course prefer them to smell the best possible way every time I chose to wear them.

Midnight Poison is a fitting name, this scent is made for late evenings, but rather in a sensual and romantic enviroment than a party. It´s an oriental scent, but in my opinion not really. Like a scent trying to get what is best from two different sources without succiding every time. There is something clean and pure in Midnight Poison, something reminding of menthol. This makes it a little to open, to clear to be a total convincing oriental. A little like Elizabet taylor above, as Cleopatra the Queen of Egypt, she is beautiful, sensual and gorgeous, but maybe not 100% the Queen of Egypt?

Midnight Poison kinds of stop half way to the Orient, but maybe that is just as good? There are a lot of scents with the full richness, sweetness and heavyness of the Oriental, but maybe not as many standing in the doorway? To me, Midnight Poison is kind of an oriental for people not really liking oriental scents.

Belonging to a cathegory of scent easy available, Midnight Poison together with most other Poison-scents from Christian Dior is among the very best you can find in almost any small town. Midnight Poison has great lasting power and on me, medium sillage (I don´t have a spray). It is really suitable for men also, some other day in some other mood I would have described it as a rose scent for men. It´s like a light-version of Montale´s Black Aoud.

Pic: Elizabeth Taylor in Cleopatra

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