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Acorelle - Wheat Almond and Amber Vanilla (Bio Cosmetics)

Like -probably- a lot of other women I´ve a somewhat complicated relation to clothes and shoes. When we get our dog I had about 15 or 20 pairs of not so practical but oh so beautiful high heeled shoes, but I didn´t had a single pair of sneakers. I had to borrow a pair that my son had outgrow. And when it was rainy I had to borrow my husbands big rubber boots.

Outer graments I had lots of, a bright red trenchcoat, leather and velvet jackets and even a wonderful red down jacket (that isn´t so much of use since the winters here are normally quite mild, with exception of last year). Other dog owners I met seem to have their wardrobe filled with comfy and practical outdoor clothes...

In my wardrobe there is a lot of clothes hagning that I´m hardly use, and that I´ve loose weight by running in and out with the dog makes the clothes not even fitting anymore.

So finally I have start to become a little more practical when it comes to clothes and shoes. Nowadays I´ve got not one pair of trousers in my wardrob e but 3 or 4 and I even got me two pairs of comfy sneakers for long walks. And I also have rubber boots my own size. I have cut two corsets into pieces and tried to make some necklaces of them and my red feather boa is hanging in a corner and looking lousy...

At 40+ I´ve realised that comfy and practical clothes are quite useful and yes... comfy. Oh well, middle age ta
kes us all eventually... Resistance IS futile and also a bit ridiculous I imagine.

A lot of different perfumes aren´t that fitting for casual wear, it´s in within the nature of perfumes to be somewhat luxurious and to spray on a lot of strong perfume becomes more and more controversial. Acorelle offers 100% natural products, among the products are some eau de parfums as well.
Acorelle products are available both in Europe and USA.

Among their scents, two have captured me the most, Wheat Almond and Vanilla Amber, Wheat Almond is balancing and Vanilla Amber is dynamizing.

To me, Wheat Almond is most about comfort, it´s a scent to wrap yourself up in. Perfect this time of year, and a scent equivalent to a soft velour set. The scenst from Acorelle isn´t that complex, but they sure are refreshingly comfy and soft. Wheat Almond has a sweet, spritzy top note almost candylike, but that fades rather quick and leave a soft almond scent togheter with something that smells like floury wheat. And that is unbelivable nice and also quite unique. The texture of the scent reminds a little of Bois Farine even though they don´t smell alike. During heart and base there isn´t so much going on, it is soft, cuddly and with some soft woody notes and just a smallest dash of something fruity. The only negative about Wheat Almond is the somewhat poor lasting power, not over two hours on me.

Vanille Amber on the other hand has really nice lasting power for an all natural scent. Vanilla and amber has been made over and over again, but still Acorelle´s Vanille Amber seem to have found it´s own niche. I´m a lover of ambery scent, but still can I find them to be to sweet and almost cloying sometimes, or some amber scents has a dusty smell that thickles my throath. Vanilla Amber avoid all that, this is a vanilla amber scent that is soft, refreshing and light. If a lot of amber scents can feel like golden, thick and honeylike, Vanille Amber is like a glass of a sparkling golden refreshing drink. Really, this is kind of vanilla amber scent, for people not usually so found of vanilla and amber. Besides vanilla and amber, I can find some woody notes and a soft smokey scent also occur in the base. Vanilla Amber has better sillage then Wheat Almond, still this is a very discrete scent.

Both scents are intended for women, but I think they can be worn by men to. You may not turn to Acorelle scents if you´re looking for dramatic and splendid scents for evening wear, but if you´re looking for a snuggly comfort scent to spend the autumn/winter with I can recommend both Wheat Almond and Vanilla Amber.Wheat Almond is the more unique of them, but on me Vanilla Amber is the winner in the long run.

100% natural scents has become increasingly popular, what do you think about natural scents?
I have great respect for noses and perfume producers that chose to work with all natural ingridiences, but still I don´t have anything against some synthetics in my scents. Often this components make the scent last longer and there are so many new chemical notes with unique scent. At the same time there is to many bad put together 100% synthetic perfumes out there. If I had to chose between smelling like a syntetic strawberry soda mixed with hairspray or Wheat Almond or Vanilla Amber it´s really a very simple choise. :)

Pic: stefanpoon

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