fredag 15 oktober 2010

Star Sign perfumes - Libra (male version)

If Capricorn was the first among the twelve male scents that catch my attention, Libra (24/9-23/10) could very well be the one winning in the long run. Not as directly catchy, charming or different, but still I noticed it quite fast.

Libra has notes of tuberose, violet, cardamom, cinnamon, tolu and vetiver among others. This gives a lovely dark, mysterious and all together wonderful violet scent. Sure, it is intended for men and I really like the idea of a violet fragrance for men, but why should we let the men have this wonderful violet all by them selves?

On me Libra become a mysterious, vibrant and dark violet with masculine elements, but without being too masculine. Almost kind of a gothic, melancholic type of scent. It is dry, severe and a little cold, which makes me think about old grey stone churches, little violets in the grey light of dawn, Victorian environments and a wistful piano concert. Yes, Libra seem to be a scent filled with emotions, and I think it´s very fitting to October born libras, since october (in my opinion) is a little melancholu month and libras supposedly are a emotional star sign.

No matter what you belive about astrology, Libra is a violet scent I love to return to, actually it remind me a little of another favorite violet, namely Ava Luxe´s Midnight Violet.

I do recommend Libra to anyone interested in astrology, but also to everyone usually liking violet in fragrances and are looking for a dark, mysterious and unisex violet. Libra could very well be the one you´re looking for!

Libra has good lasting power and medium sillage. Are you curious to find out more about Libra or maybe the other scents that CnR Create offers? Take a look here:

I have chosed to write about the two scent that captured me most, but that doesn´t mean the other one´s aren´t any interesting or good. But, after all this are scwents intended fpr men, and I don´t like to smell too masculine. Some of the scents didn´t suit me at all, Sagittarus and Aquarius for instant, but these could very well be the one´s most suitable for you. On my husband Taurus smells really good, masculine, warm and safe, while it don´t fit me at all, and well, yes my husband is born in taurus.

Don´t miss the drawing, coming up soon.

Pic: horoscopos

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  1. A clean, dry, and masculine cologne for men is some of the things most men consider on choosing a good scent. A perfume that cast a vermillion around those who wear this type of perfumes is exceptionally beautiful.

  2. Sounds like a fab perfume. This is perfect gift for my brother on his birthday, it's his sign too! :)

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