onsdag 3 november 2010

Escentric Molecules - Escentric 01

Quite often when I´m going to the local store or in to town I think about what if any stranger would ask me of what perfume I´m wearing. Since I use perfumes every day and also quite different kinds of scents, I guess there is a somewhat bigger possibility that someone would notice my perfume than for the average person. But however, it doesn´t seem to matter at all what perfume I´m wearing, no stranger ever ask me about my scents!

There are for sure a lot of different reason for people not asking about other peoples perfumes, I think Swedish people are a little shy and would feel uncomfartable and pushy if they asked, also I belive a lot of people never actaully smell my fragrance and also there´s a possibility that common people not at all think that my scents smells good.

Of course my family members, close relatives and friends ask me about my fragrances, but that isn´t really the same. As far as I can recall, it has happened one time that a stranger asked me about my perfume, and that was a long timer ago up in Umeå, and the scent I was wearing was Kenzo Jungle.

Anyway, I´ve got a decant of Escentric Molecules Escentric 01, and I have never read reviews of any scent that seem to give the people wearing it as many compliments and questions. Another cool thing about it is that people wearing it don´t seem to like it THAT much, but still wear it since they got so many compliments. Hmm.

Unfortunatly I suspect I have to bath in it to get that kind of compliments. On me, Escentric 01 wears very subtle and etereal. The opening is spritzy, peppery and kind of fun, but then it become very silent and shy. When I´m wearing it I think of it more like a kind of vague aura then like a fragrance. I think Escentric 01 would be really nice to layer with almost any other scent. It has a strangley nice scent, but at the same time faceless and easy to forget.

One interesting thing with Escentric 01 is that it during day comes and goes. Sometimes I can´t hardly smell it at all, and then shortly after I re-discover it. After the spritzy opening it develops to a subtle, clean woody scent with some very soft incense features. As a scent I think it´s easy to wear for people of all ages and sorts, but also not so easy to really like. Still it has a strong precense, but lack of warmth, heart and deepth. Maybe not so strange since it is all built around a synthetic note of ISO E Super.

To me, there isn´t anthing to dislike about Escentric 01, but not really anything to like either. But maybe, I would think different of it if someone asked what scent I´m wearing! :)

Weak, but vary sillage and the lasting power is good but also a bit un-even.

Do you get questions about your perfume all the time? Compliments? And now I mean from strangers or people you don´t know that well, as the woman working at the local store, not your hubbie, wife or sweet little mother. Which scent, if anyone, have get you the most attention?

Pic: Emelie Ohlsson

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