tisdag 2 mars 2010

Thierry Mugler - Angel Liqueur de Parfum

While Alien Liqueur de Parfum become a more divulged version of the original, Angel Liqueur de Parfum is the other way around. OK, physically speaking there isn´t anything more compact than a black hole, but olfactory speaking Angel Liqueur de Parfum feel more fokused and concrete than the original.

Maybe it´s because I´m only liking Angel that I fell so madly in love with Liqueur de Parfum? In only a few seconds it manage to be my new favorite from Thierry Mugler. Ooooh, this is quite something!

And the name feel even more strange and misleading then the original. This is clearly a scent for a queen of big, dark, secret and beautiful caves hiding somewhere below us in the underworlds precipice. Places no human have visit, except in your fantasy or in litterature and movies, caves as big and grand as cathedrals but where no daylight shines. Caves with magnificent stalagmites and stalagtites, more beautiful than something ever created by humans. Dark passages that becomes more and more narrow and ends up in a dip or an underground river.

Well, this is the pictures Angel Liqueur de Parfum creates in my head, but how does it smell? The opening is darker than most other openings I´ve tried. A strong note of cacao, the darkest there is, cacao so dark it almost become black. The patchouli note is murky, heavy and strong that it´s almost frigthening (at least for people normally not so found of patchouli). This opening makes Serge Lutens Borneo 1834 soft and friendly...

But, pretty soon the impenetrable darkness got accompanied by sweetness, nuances and rays of different colors like golden, emerald green, ruby red, yes like little diamonds and precious stones are sprinkled over a black base. An obvious cherry note occurs, but this is dark cherries, like cherries soaked in golden brown rhum for months. I can also smell notes of creamy vanilla fudge and dark, moist and almost rotten wood.

Liqueur de Parfum is constantly changing. The different notes comes and goes. The dark base hides beneath, almost forgotten since it´s so much interesting things going on at the surface. Even though it´s complex and very variable I experience it as more tied together than original-Angel. And the synthetic you find in both Alien and Angel aren´t as prominent neither in Angel Liqueur de Parfum or the Alien-version. And when it comes to the Angel version it is a really good thing.

Angel Liqueur de Parfum has good longvity and decent sillage. The base is calmer then the rest, aromatic woods, soft and creamy vanilla, patchouli and quite a lot sweetness. It rest so nice on my skin for hours.

Usually I don´t mark perfumes. But I can at least try to rank some of the Alien-and Angel scents.

Alien (original) 8 of 10
Angel (original) 6 of 10
Eau de Star 8 of 10
Alien Liqueur de Parfum 7 of 10
Angel Liqueur de Parfum 10 of 10

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a sample of Angel Liqueur de Parfum, as fast as possible. I´m having some anguish since it´s only a temporary available scent. I need more of it!

And I wonder if the people liking original-Angel prefers the Liqueur de Parfum-version of Alien and the other way around? What do you think?

And I promise my next inlay won´t be as positive...

Pic: Design Swan

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  1. Ooh, this sounds wonderful! *lemming alert*

    Have you tried Angel Innocent? Miles away from Angel and Angel Liqueur, but it stood out to me in a very good way when I was sniffing things at the Mugler counter a weekend ago.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog!

  2. Sue: Yes, I´ve tried it, but only very briefly. I think it´s a nice comfy scent, but I prefer Eau de Star if I want a softer version of Angel.

    But, maybe I should give it another try? :)

  3. Hehe, perhaps. I haven't tried Eau de Star - it doesn't seem to be in department stores here to test, though I have seen it at discounters.

  4. Great! Very thankful for this information, you can also get information about angel perfumes here.

  5. Spray the fragrance on your wrists, and see how when in contact with your pulse and body warmth, the perfume changes. See how long-lasting and stable the fragrance is.

  6. I did try a sample of it, yet I did really like it I am not sure I would pay full price for a bottle, I prefer Chanel to be honest, but there are lots of samples here - http://www.freestuffbaby.co.uk/free-angel-mugler-eau-de-parfum-sample/