onsdag 1 april 2009

New article at Fragrantica and something else.

Today my second article get published at Fragrantica: http://www.fragrantica.com/news/Traveling-through-time-with-Opus-Oils-752.html
And there is more to come. I think it´s so nice. :)
Yesterday the little bottles with FM Musc Ravegeur and Iris Poudre arrived. Thanks a lot Clivia! Iris Poudre is totally wonderful and Musc Ravegeur is magnificent on the husband, yes Musc ravegeur is for him. Our puppie reacted very strong on Musc Ravegeur, she smelled my husband and barked and growl, then she hide her nose under her blanket still growling. She become like a little wolf. Is there anyone that has experience their pets to react very strong on some certain perfume?
Once again I the staff at the loval store amaze me. Everyone of them must have skipped geography class during school. Today, one of them suggested that both UK and Switzerland is situated outside Europe. No, I said, both UK and Switzerland is within Europe. I know you´re supposed to be nice on blogs these days, but I think I am that almost all the time. And honestly, their lack of common knowledge amaze me so much. I wonder if they having troubble finding home after finnishing work?

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