tisdag 14 april 2009

Le Labo - Oud 27

Before ordering Luckyscent´s Le Labo sample pack I hadn´t tried any Le Labo perfume. Now when going trough most of the samples I think I´ve got a grip on their perfume making style. When I see that a samll 15 ml bottle costs over 50 dollar on their homepage, I cant help thinking that you got very little perfume for that money.
Despite that they have some interesting perfumes, Oud 27 the newest one for example. I starts off with a obvious note of rubber, but in an enjoyable way, but there isn´t only rubber, there is some manour as well. Like standing on the edge of a big, newly manoured field with a bunch of tires burning on a distant. The first minutes Oud 27 is a strange mix between Comme des Garcons Tar and L'Artisan´s Dzing! Pleasant enough, but a little difficult. The top notes wears off quite fast, even tough they remain in the background. A zesty and somewhat cold note of vetiver comes along and something warm and soft, I guess it´s the oud, a wood commonly used in arabic perfumes. Oud can smell in different ways, and the strange top notes may be one variety of oud as well as the warmer and softer may be another. Still, Oud 27 is still a tense kind of perfume, there is a elusive lingering sweetness, but a very soft one. Now, Oud 27 rather remind me of L'Artisan´s Timbuktu and Bvlgari Black.
Yes, Oud 27 is interesting, but it rather makes me think about what perfumes I could blend and layering to reciew the same result, more than make me want to buy my own bottle. Together with the other Le Labo perfumes I´ve tried I notice they have a common clean kind of note, even when their perfumes are muskier or dirtier. In Oud 27 there is a clearness and hight that feels kind of nice considering the perfume is so smoky.
Oud 27 isn´t that longlasting on me, and the sillage is ok, but the basenotes is comfy and soft. Warm, dry wood, some lingering incense and something smelling like perfumed paper is what remains after some hours. Worth trying tough, even if it dosn´t impressed me so much.

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