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Serge Lutens - Musc Koublai Khan

Kublai Khan was the grandson of Djengis Khan and the last of the mongolian great khans. Only the British Empire has ruled over bigger land areas, but the mongols ruled over the biggest sustained areas. There isn´t anyone with more living off-springs than Djengis Khan, so even tough it´s been 800 years since the Mongol´s was on top of power, his descendants are today spread all over the world. Djengis Khan should be contempt, since one of his goals was to conquer the whole world.
Kublai Khan walked in his grandfathers fotstpes, and during his rule (1259-94) the Mongol Empire was on it´s peak. Of course it would be cool to have a drop or two of mongolian blood, but I doubt it, so I guess I have to be satisfied with smelling like a monglian warrior.
If that is what I actually smells like when wearing Serge Luten´s Musc Koublai Khan? It isn´t that easy to write about Musc Koublai Khan, since this is the musc perfume with capital M. Perfume lovers all over the world has a love-hate relationship to it. Many find it to strong, with smell of manure, public toilet, dirty body and sweaty animals. Yes, I´ve read about Musc Koublai Khan before, it´s really hard to avoid.
And how do I find it? Well, the smell of manure is there and also the smell of horses, worned out leather and warm human body. And it is so beautiful! Not everybody thinks the smell in the saddle chamber in the stable is nice, but I do. I was never a hardcore horse girl, but I spend some years taking riding leassons and hanging in the stable. And after that I have friends with their own horses so I spend time in the stable and with horses anyway. That makes the smell of stable to something comforting, warm, cozy and safe for me. But Musc Koublai Khan is so much more than cozy and safe. It is raw, sexual and animalic. You have to forgive me, but I think of something like sitting in the saddle behind a mongolian warrior in heavy leather armour in the hot sunshine in the middle of a field of red roses. Well, there is roses in Musc Koublai Khan, a lot of them, and they thrive in manure, so it works out fine.
Back to the mongolian warrior, I belive there are a lot fo people that want´s to be almost any place accept of on a horse with a crazy and sweaty mongolian warrior, that´s fine with me. I haven´t got anything agianst keeping them for myself. I happen to like the smell of natural sweat. When my kids was smaller I love how it smelled when I take their wintercap of and burried my nose in their hair... and the smell of my husbands body in the sunshine at the sea... But sparesly personal hygiene and dirty armpits at the person before me in the checker, no thanks.
Musc Koubali Khan isn´t that loud anyway, when I tried it for the first time I was surprised, because I was expecting something heavier. It´s like all this potentional disturbing odoures has been mixed in the exactly right amount to become such a pleasure. And the animalic notes has definitly the main part in Musc Koublai Khan, not hidden like in many other animalic muscs. The roses define rather than hide the animalic scent. Actually it´s like the roses are a part of the animalic notes. Very elegant.
Musc Koublai Khan is among Serge Luten´s non-export line, http://www.salons-shiseido.com/ wich means it´s only shipped within Europe and sold in the famous bell jars. And that makes it quite expensive.
Ava Luxe´s Rasa is said to be a budget version of Musc Koublai Khan, I don´t know, since it´s no longer available on Ava Luxe´s site http://www.ava-luxe.com/2008/index.html appearently because of lack of raw materials. But I have tried Ava Luxe´s Kama, also an animalic perfume. I like it as a base, but find it a little to thin to wear on it´s own. So, if you dream of a mongolian warrior with horse, I´ve guess you have to go for Musc Koublai Khan.

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